Watch: Eminem & Rihanna Release Their Music Video For ‘The Monster’


Over the weekend we got our first peek at Eminem’s music video for his new single The Monster, which features Rihanna on guest vocals, and today we get to see the finished product. As you may recall, we learned last month that Ri Ri made her way to Detroit, MI to film the video with Em and as you can see above, there’s a reason why the music video had to be shot in Detroit. The video for The Monster takes Eminem thru the greatest hits of his career (thus far) and, I have to say, does so quite well. Check out the video for The Monster above and be reminded of some of the highlights of Em’s career past as we listen to his hot new single today.

  • nicole

    i love videos that take you back though old videos. so many memories. but i did find rihanna to be kind of..useless i guess (other than the beginning)..i dont know…its awkward when shes trying to lip-sync the yodeling. and its really not the best look shes rocked either.

  • Karen

    The opening was shot so beautifully! The silhouettes, everything. Loved that!

    I have a weakness for introspective Eminem and Rihanna’s voice, so I’m a fan of this song and really liked the video.