Lindsay Lohan Shares A Photo From Inside A Recording Studio


Earlier today we learned that Lindsay Lohan is planning on writing a tell-all book about her life. Right now, we learn that Lindsay may also be planning a return to the music world as well. Back when Lindsay was a hot commodity, she released two pop albums that enjoyed relative success and honestly provided the world with really fun pop music. Her first album, Speak, was released in 2004 and her last album, A Little More Personal (RAW), was released in 2005. Last night, Lindsay posted a photo on her official Instagram profile that seems to hint that she may be “working hard” on new music. HMMM. Click below to see the photo in question and let’s discuss the possibility of L. Lo’s return as a pop star.

#studiotime #workhard

To be entirely honest, I don’t really believe yet that this photo means Lindsay is working on a new album. I mean, it’s possible, but I don’t believe for a second that she knows what she’s doing in this photo. Holding a lit cigarette in one hand and turning a random knob with the other does not mean she’s making music. THAT BEING SAID, I do believe that she may be thinking about making new music (maybe to coincide with the release of her reported memoir) and if so, that is very good news. Both of Lindsay’s albums are great. She worked with fun producers who crafted for her really amazing pop music. I think it’s a bit of a reach to hope that Lindsay will ever be able to make the successful movies of her youth ever again but it’s entirely possible that she might be able to make the same kind of fun music that she used to. All she has to do is sing. Granted, she’s got almost a decade of smoking damage done to her vocal chords but hey, they’ve got technology that can fix all of that. I guess I always hold out hope that Lindsay might return to us again but year after year, that hope fades. I can’t even start thinking about the possibility of a fun pop album to come from her because I don’t believe her when she says stuff like #workhard. But a new year is a time for change so … I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Are YOU hoping Lindsay releases new music in 2014?


  • Kent

    To me she’s an actor first and then a singer so I actually do have hope she’ll end up in good films again. But whether she ends up in a movie or on an album cover she NEEDS to deal with that hair FIRST.

  • Lauren xx

    Ugh no. She was a decent singer, nothing to scream about but from the sounds of her ragged raspy-but-not-in-a-sexy-way speaking voice this album will be more autotune than actual singing.

    The memoir will be an instant bestseller, that is probably the best idea she’s had post-rehabx3. She’ll probably get fat paycheck for a movie option. Can’t wait for the Lifetime biopic, wonder if she’ll play herself.

  • OG Emily

    I’m going to vote that she was hanging out at a studio, groupie style, and thought it would be cute to take a pic.

    • Krissy

      My thoughts exactly!

      And Lindsey’s voice has changed so much in the past 9 years. She sounds like a 90 year old smoker talking, I can’t imagine what she would sound like singing. I shudder at the thought.

  • donKNOWeither

    her sister posted that youtube video on her channel & sang some Aguilara–so maybe she’s producing/getting her nose in Ali’s debut?