‘I…Must…Bow…Down’ And Other Awesomeness In PITNB Reader Comments This Week


What a week, y’all. What a week! Between that hilarious Conan O’Brien/Kevin Hart/Ice Cube video, one of the greatest episodes of Scandal ever, and the out-of-the-Blue-[Ivy] new album from the one they call Beyoncé, this was an absolutely epic week in epic-ry. I don’t even know how the rest of 2013 plans to compare, because I can’t imagine it getting much better than this. As usual, you amazing PITNBrs were right here, commenting on all the madness with your hilarious and clever quips. So click inside for just a few of the most awesome comments from the past week!

PITNBr Devonte Antonio and I have been apart of the Beyoncé Haters Club for some time now, but after the stunt she pulled this week, even we had to go ahead and bow down:

There has to be a discussion on the real marvel. The Level of Secrecy… How did not one song come up, not a visual, not a paparazzi shot, nothing… that’s what is really amazing me. The fact that her and her team have that kind of power… I give up my Beyonce Hateration…I….must… bow… down.

Well, we all had to bow down. Here’s what other PITNBrs had to say about the epic return of King Bey:


This is the difference between being a wannabe and being a true star. Just because people know who you are doesn’t mean you have talent. She didn’t rely on gimmicks, promo or press to produce a shockwave big enough to kill off dinosaurs …yeah, I’d say she is the Head Queen in Charge and we all just need to bow the eff down. This is unprecedented marketing brilliance walking softly and carrying a big stick. Gaga needs to come out from under whatever Lion King head dress she is currently wearing and take some notes and then go home. Some say the playing field is big enough for more than one star, but I say nuh huh, not when the sun decides to shine. Try to grab onto that coat tail honey and you’re gonna get burned.


Shannon, I said it before in Trent’s post, and I’ll say it again, Beyoncé is a BOSS!!! lol

You know when that album dropped, all hell broke loose at all the other record companies. There was weeping and nashing of teeth, as they tried to figure out why none of them had thought of this first. LMAO

PITNBr Aisis was right there with the rest of us, freaking the freak out over the Scandal winter finale:

… Sally. Jesus. Take. The. Wheel. Are you even alive right now, Shannon? IDK if I am even alive right now. *real tears*. I said to myself, “Self, I’ma need for Sally to express some emotion before it gets ugly…” I think she not only heard me, but TOTALLY misinterpreted my meaning. I didn’t want the mofo to DIE, Sally. I just wanted you to let him know that he was a tad sloppy in his extra-special-extra-curricular activities.

PITNBr azulsky, thank you for posting this for all the Scandal Gladiators. LMAO, I CANNOT DEAL:


PITNBr nicole, I KNEW you were gonna judge me on that Guilty Pleasure Songs Of 2013 list. I knew it:

… I thank Kerry Washington with everything i got..because now every time i hear that stupid fox song, i think of her SNL skit. but ooooh i judge you Shannon for that Drake song..judddddging you.

PITNBr somuchcloser had me cracking up with this super-snarky response to Gisele’s infamous breastfeeding/supermom picture:

Look, Gisele, do you want a gluten-free low-cal organic grassfed cookie? I’m super impressed.

I’ve breastfed during a doctor’s appointment as I was getting my blood pressure checked (doctor suggested it b/c kiddo was annngry) and I do it all the time at work while on the computer. I hope this doesn’t sound insensitive… but when you’ve been breastfeeding that long (that’s no newborn), it’s not hard to just throw the kid on the boob and get one with whatever you were doing. Breastfeeding is a biiiitch when you’re just learning how to do it, but once you’ve been at it for a few months, it’s just about as hard as tweeting and pooping at the same time.

PITNBr Evie proves that women everywhere are breastfeeding during their various appointments. I love it:

Ridiculous! I once breastfed during an eye appointment. Go Gisele, Go! It’s not just for supermodels!

Whew! Love you guys like cray! The house is quiet, the Christmas tree is up, and I’ve got [what I’m assuming is] a pretty epic episode of Revenge on the DVR just waiting for me. You know what to do. Or what not to do. (Call me… as in, nobody call me).

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