Amy Adams Dishes On Kissing Jennifer Lawrence In ‘American Hustle’


Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence clearly had a blast filming their new movie together American Hustle. The film– from Silver Linings Playbook director David O. Russell– just hit theatres and it’s getting some rave reviews. I fear that it’ll be a while before I get to see it, but I’m seriously looking forward to that day. It sounds like there’s a lot of making out that went down, LOL. Click inside for more!

People has the story:

We already know she can dance (thanks to Silver Linings Playbook) and kick ass (as seen in The Hunger Games). But apparently, there’s something else Jennifer Lawrence is good at: kissing.

The Oscar winner’s lip-locking abilities got high praise from Amy Adams, her costar in the Golden Globe-nominated film American Hustle. The pair share a kiss in the crime drama, set in the 1970s.

“She does a great job at it,” Adams, 39, said of Lawrence, 23, during an interview with Extra. “She has very soft lips.”

Then again, fans already had an inkling about this – her Catching Fire costar Josh Hutcherson said Lawrence was “a great kisser” and that the bar was set “high” after he locked lips with her.

While J.Law didn’t dish on Adams’s kissing prowess, she did say she had a great time filming the pair’s less friendly scenes.

“Getting to fight with Amy was just the funniest, we’d just be cracking up,” she said. “They’d call ‘Cut!’ and we’d just start laughing.”

Lawrence has reteamed with her Silver Linings costar Bradley Cooper in the film, but she admits she was a little nervous about working with stars like Adams and Christian Bale.

“I was worried,” she admitted. “[But] everybody was so sweet and great – I made out with Batman!”

J-Law is so funny– “I made out with Batman”; I’d be bragging on that one too.

It sounds like this was a really fun set to work on. I mean, Bradley Cooper’s perm alone tells me that everyone must have been cracking up on the daily.

Has anyone gotten a chance to catch this flick? Is it as awesome as it sounds?


  • Vicky

    I really want to see it, too. Looks like a good movie.

  • EAW

    I would make out with that entire cast! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Lol

    It’s a pretty damn good movie, J-Law pulled it off perfectly and I loved watching Bradley Cooper “go nuts”. Bale was great but this was actually the first time I saw a movie with Amy Adams. Anyone got any suggestions on other good movies she’s in?

    And the scene when J-Law kisses Amy is so surprising- you’ll know what I mean when you see it!

    • Lulu

      Enchanted! It’s silly, and goofy, and magical.. :)