Watch: Music Video Director Joseph Kahn Tweets The ‘Director’s Cut’ Of Britney Spears’s ‘Perfume’


Earlier this week, our dear Britney Spears released the music video for her current single Perfume and almost immediately, fans were upset that the ending of the video they expected to see what cut out of the final version. The music video’s director Joseph Kahn tweeted extensively about how his vision for the video was sanitized by the Powers That Be and he lamented the fact that his more controversial version of the video MIGHT be released in a Director’s Cut version. Yesterday, Kahn posted a tweet on his official Twitter profile announcing the release of the “Director’s Cut” of Britney’s Perfume video, which is embedded above. Please enjoy :D

  • Kendra

    Damn you, Trent!! Haha!

  • Britney’sBitch

    Lmao what? Is he for real?

  • Rachel Hurley

    I was like WTW?

  • Alecia

    Umm, Joseph Kahn must be smoking better weed than Snoop Dogg.

  • Dezden


  • nicole

    LOL! well played. well played.

  • Lulu

    hahahaaa! :) :)

  • Aly

    Ooh I like it, hahah.
    I always have wished Brit and Justin had stayed together. Imagine if they had – they would be the biggest power couple out there.