Watch: Ultimate Diva Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Holiday Home Glamour On The ‘Today’ Show


What is it about Mariah Carey that her diva antics just bring me so much joy? Seriously. Who else other than Mimi can do a stint on the Today Show and look like the baddest batch ever, without even getting dressed? I swear, this woman is rocking her friggen bathrobe and still looks like a gazillion, bazillion bucks. Y’all have to watch this video, she is so hilarious. Reporter Tamron Hall visited the fab spread, and is broadcasting from a room that Mariah says Dem Babies don’t even know about. You know you have a scary-ginormous home when you can hide whole rooms from your kids, lmao. Anyway, I am having some light-to-heavy laptop drama this morning, so I needed a good laugh. This totally did the trick, so peep the video for more!


  • Lulu

    I can’t with this. Holy Guacamole. She is so out of touch with the real world I… just.. wow. LOL.

    Even if I had that money, I could *never* live like that.
    But props to her for doing an interview with a nighty and her cleavage booming out I guess. lol

    • Lulu

      Soo… she probably had a team of people doing her make up, hair, etc…. but, nope, who needs to get dressed :p

      The way she flicks her hair back, and that ring on her pinky?? omg.

      Okay. I have to stop now. lol.

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Next year, my Christmas tree is SO being decorated with pink peonies!!!