Madonna’s Daughter Lourdes Shares A Selfie Taken Backstage Of Her High School Production Of ‘Grease’


Last weekend we saw photos of Madonna attending the opening night performance of daughter Lourdes Maria’s high school production of Grease. Today we get to see a photo snapped by Lola herself at the event, taken backstage before last Friday night’s performance. Lola snapped a selfie right before she went on stage to play Rizzo in the show and is sharing it on the official Twitter profile for Material Girl (the clothing line that she designs with the help of mama Madonna). Check out the cute photo below.

MG Exclusive! A backstage selfie from Lola during her Grease premiere! #MGSelfie #Love #Rizzo

Like any natural born teenager these days, Lourdes is ALL about the selfie photo, it seems. As you may recall, she posted a selfie snapped with her mother Madonna on the official Instagram profile for Material Girl. I mean, who hasn’t taken and shared a selfie? I do it, you do it … we all do it. I, for one, would love for Lola to keep on posting fun selfies like this. Keep ‘em comin’, girl.


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    Geez, why’d LaGuardia do Les Mis, Threepenny Opera, and other boring musicals while I attended 10 years ago? I’dve loved to be Rizzo in Grease!!