Watch: Jamie Lynn Spears Reveals What It Was Like Growing Up As A Spears


Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sister of our dear Britney, has released video of an interview she gave where she talks about her childhood as a member of the Spears family. As you can hear in the interview video embedded above, Jamie Lynn talks about her childhood growing up with superstar big sister Britney Spears as no big deal because to her, it really was no big deal. In the interview, JL talks about a photo she took when she was about 4 years old … in the photo, she is laying across the pre-famous laps of Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Britney. After you watch the interview above, click below to see the very cute photo in question.

OMG, adorable. I love how Tom Boyish Britney looks in this photo … it took me a few seconds to even realize it was her. I can understand how to Jamie Lynn, growing up with a famous sister and her famous friends seemed like no big deal but from the outside looking in, it’s kinda nuts, ain’t it? I hope JL has more stuff like this to share from her childhood. I know I’d love to see more.


  • Devonte Antonio

    That photo is just supernuts to me. I mean…c’mon…