Paris Hilton Vows That Lindsay Lohan Will ‘Pay’ For The Attack On Her Younger Brother

"No one f***s with my family"

SO, over the weekend Lindsay Lohan allegedly got into some sort of altercation with Paris Hilton‘s younger brother Barron Hilton, II while they were all partying in Miami, FL for Art Basel (a notorious weekend of art, parties, drugs and alcohol). Earlier today, we learned that the Hiltons are planning to sue the people involved in Barron‘s assault, including Lindsay Lohan (even tho, by all indications, had nothing personally to do with the attack). Barron posted a photo of his injuries on his official Instagram profile and in the comments section, Paris vowed that “they” (apparently the guy who assaulted Barron and Lindsay, who allegedly called for the attack) “will pay” for what they did to her little brother. Ahem. It looks like another Hilton vs. Lohan feud is fully underway. It’s just like 2006 all over again.

Paris Hilton has a message for Lindsay Lohan — and the guy who allegedly put Paris’ younger brother in the hospital this week after beating him down — WATCH YOUR BACK!!!! Barron Hilton posted a photo of his jacked up face on Instagram Saturday — showing the aftermath of his brawl with a guy he claims punched the crap out of him at LiLo’s request … and it fired Paris up. Paris commented on the pic saying, “They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!” And she even added TWO hot-head emoticons to show she means business. For what it’s worth — Lindsay and her dad deny she had anything to do with the incident … even though there’s video telling a different story.

Paris has since deleted the comment from Instagram but I’m certain that she will have her revenge … in some way. Personally, I don’t get why Barron keeps posting photos of his injuries for all the world to see. I guess he’s trying to get sympathy but all I can see is a kid who got his ass beat by Lindsay Lohan‘s people (allegedly). That’s information I’d like to keep to myself if it were me. As for the guy who did the actual beating of Barron, well, he’s about to be arrested:

The man who socked out Paris Hilton’s little bro WILL BE arrested for the attack … law enforcement sources tell TMZ. We broke the story … Lindsay Lohan’s friend Ray LeMoine has admitted he threw the punches that wrecked Barron Hilton’s face during a mansion party in Miami last week — though Ray claims Barron struck him first. Still, law enforcement sources tell TMZ … officials now believe they have “probable cause” to arrest Ray and will most likely make their move in the very near future. Barron Hilton claims Lindsay orchestrated the attack because she thought he was talking smack about her at the party. LeMoine claims LL had nothing to do with the altercation. Barron not only wants to press charges — we’re told he wants to sue both Lindsay and Ray.

As for Lindsay? Well, she already abandoned her friend in Miami and flew her ass back to NYC by private jet to avoid further involvement with this incident. I don’t think this will be the last we’ll hear of this. I doubt Lindsay will get into any trouble at all over any of this. It’s just more of the same kind of bullshizz that lead up to her getting into massive trouble before (over and over and over again). Will she manage to steer clear of trouble from here on out? I’m not betting on it.

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  1. Paul

    “It looks like another Hilton vs. Lohan feud is fully underway. It’s just like 2006 all over again.”

    It’s good to see that neither woman has matured in the intervening 7 years. With any luck, they can continue this for years and create a sort of celebrated, long-term feud like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford did, except re-standardized for people without talent.

  2. helen

    funny how if someone fucks with her family she gets angry, but she seems pretty fine with everybody fucking her… oh well..

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