Lindsay Lohan Is Now Reportedly Being Sued By Paris Hilton’s Brother, Following Their Recent Beef

Sources Say Barron Is Already Meeting With Lawyers...

A couple of days ago we learned that Lindsay Lohan, still fresh out of rehab and [allegedly] on a new path to straighten her life out, had gotten caught up in some serious drama at a party in Florida. Art Basel is popping off and — as PITNBr OG Emily pointed out — these parties are a big deal and, obviously, LiLo needed to be in the building. Unfortunately for her, old rivals were also in the building and a fight broke out between some of Lindsay‘s people and Paris Hilton‘s younger brother Barron Hilton, II. Barron is convinced LiLo is behind the whole situation (in which he got his ass handed to him, apparently) and, well, cue the upcoming courtroom drama. Click inside for more!

TMZ has the deets:

Paris Hilton’s brother Barron is about to take Lindsay Lohan to her favorite place — no, not the Chateau Marmont — he’s planning to take her ass to court!

We broke the story … Barron Hilton told cops Ray Lemoine beat his face in at Lohan’s request Friday morning — and TMZ has learned the 24-year-old Hilton is now planning to file suit against LiLo and Ray.

Sources close to the Hilton’s tell us Paris met up with a lawyer Saturday afternoon — before threatening Lindsay on Instagram — and hooked him up with Barron to get things going STAT!

As we previously reported … Ray claims Lindsay is 100% innocent — and says he only punched Barron after the Hilton family member got physical first.

This is really a shame. When Lindsay got out of rehab she seemed to be doing well, staying busy, and keeping out of trouble. But you are the company you keep, and it looks like her company (including her own family members) isn’t really working out in her favor.

If this chic ends up back in court, I swear… my head is just gonna start spinning.


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  1. Everything is set up for her to fail. Oprah, please intervene!

    • Will

      At this point, I don’t even think she needs an intervention anymore.
      She needs a brain.
      After all she’s been through, she still insists on going to parties and night-clubs. Seriously, it’s hard to understand.
      Who would go to a party (doesn’t matter how BIG and IMPORTANT the party is) after being in rehab for the 673654 time and trying to clean up your image?
      If I had her reputation, and was serious about cleaning up my image I would just stay home, cause obviously going out is not the best idea.
      Well, maybe she doesn’t give a shit about her image or anything anymore. That would explain everything.

    • Easily said…but not realistic. The girl needs work…and to get work you have to NETwork. And networking happens at parties. I’m with you though, if I was trying to straighten up, maybe I’d set up meetings rather than beatings.

    • Will

      I agree about the network and connection. But in her case, I think the first thing she should do would be to rehab her own image before thinking about getting work.
      Who would want to give her any serious work if she doesn’t try to wash away her “party girl” image?
      And on top of that, I think that there might be more ways to get work without going out partying.

    • Of course we live in the real world lol.

  2. Paul

    “If this chic ends up back in court, I swear… my head is just gonna start spinning.”

    I sense you will need neck lubricant in your future. It is isn’t a question of IF Lindsay Lohan will end up in court, but how soon and how often.

  3. Lauren xx

    I get the feeling there is a lot more to this on the Hilton side of things. He should be careful because everything will come out in court, VERY publicly.

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