The Cast Of ‘Annie’ Films A Fun Parade In The Streets Of Harlem, NYC


Back in February we learned that Academy Award-nominated actress Quvenzhané Wallis was cast as the lead in the upcoming film remake of Annie, alongside Jamie Foxx (as Benjamin Stacks aka Daddy Warbucks), Rose Byrne (as Grace, the loving assistant) and Cameron Diaz (as the villainous Miss Hannigan). Filming production of Annie has been taking place all over Manhattan in recent weeks and this week filmed a fun parade in Harlem. Click thru the gallery to see cute photos of these actors in action in the roles they play. I am IN LOVE with the casting of this film. Quvenzhané will make the perfect Annie and Jamie will make a decent Daddy. I’m kind of intrigued with the idea of Cameron as Miss Hannigan. Carol Burnett made the role LEGENDARY in the original film, I’m curious to see how well Cameron does with the role. I’m really looking forward to this production of Annie. I hope they do the story justice. Considering the caliber of actors they have in the film, I am not worried at all.

  • Alecia

    Usually I get anxious about remakes but I feel like the team behind this one knew what they were doing. I’m excited to see the end result.