Watch: NBC Releases Every Musical Performance From ‘The Sound Of Music Live!’


Earlier today I mentioned that I spent part of my night last night watching The Sound of Music Live! on NBC (along with a heap-load of other people around the country), despite the fact that most of the show was really hard to watch. And so, for those of you who love to torture yourself by watching the performances again, I present to you all of the live performances that were broadcast last night on The Sound of Music Live! If you missed out on seeing any of the song performances last night, this post is for you. You can watch the performance of The Sound of Music above and then click below to watch the 11 other song performances from the show. If you had fun cringing during the performances last night, then you can feel all those same feels again by re-watching all of the performances all over again. Have fun!

My Favorite Things:

Sixteen Going on Seventeen:



The Lonely Goatherd:

How Can Love Survive:

So Long, Farewell:

Climb Ev’ry Mountain:

No Way to Stop It:

Something Good:


Fess up, now … what part of this shlock show was your fave? I enjoyed the Do-Re-Mi performance even tho it was poorly acted … and the performance of Climb Ev’ry Mountain was the highlight of the night. What’d you think?


    not that i was happy with the rest of the show, but i really didn’t like that they sang “my favorite things” in the church. i thought they were going to cut out the bedroom/storm scene because of it but then they sang “the lonely goatherd” instead and cut out one of my favorite scenes of the film.. the lonely goatherd puppet show! :(

    i also didn’t like carrie underwood as maria.. according to the von trapp family, they actually wanted anne hathaway (um what?!). but i don’t think anyone could have played maria better than julie andrews.

    • Kim

      This was based on the stage production, so the songs are in the stage order vs the movie. I did not know this, just passing along what I read on reddit

  • Carolina

    Damn, I’m in Austria and can’t watch it.

    • Aren Branagh

      Because of the Anschluss?

  • Sarah

    Can we talk about how I had no idea Stephen Moyer was in this??

  • Kim

    I have only seen the movie once and am probably going to hell for saying I love Julie Andrews but am not a super fan. I have seen Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music.

    I did not think this was as god awful as everyone else says. I went in blindly on purpose. I knew Carrie wouldn’t be the greatest actress…she is a singer not an actress so it annoys me everyone is like “OMG she is terrible!”

  • Gillian

    Was anyone else hoping that Stephen would break into Vampire Bill mode, bite Carrie’s neck, and call her SookEH?

    • @Gillian — YES.

  • nicole

    i can’t decide if i should watch this or not…

  • SD

    LMFAO at “the hills are alive but i wish they weren’t”!!! I haven’t watched the videos and now i now i don’t need to!

  • Aren Branagh

    Does anyone have a link to the scene where the extra stepped on Laura Benanti’s train and she almost did a faceplant?

  • Paul

    The real question for me was whether or not Carrie Underwood was going to revert to country music style for any of the songs, and whether or not she had the stamina to sustain the music throughout the show. The “Sound of Music” lives and dies on the strength of Maria’s singing, not her acting. If the production numbers with the kids don’t hold up, no one will care one lick if Maria could emote in those few moments when she is not singing. To me, the production numbers clicked, Carrie didn’t revert to country, and kept her vocal quality throughout.

    I wish the staging of the numbers without the kids had been staged as well as the number with the kids. My favorite song “No Way to Stop It” seemed stagnant to me, even though it was pretty well sung.

    The worst performance for me was that of Christian Borle playing Uncle Max, my favorite character in the show. I wish someone had taken him aside and said, “Your character is supposed to be funny.” I cringed every time he blew a punch line.