‘Dead’ Brian Griffin Will Reportedly Return To ‘Family Guy’ This Month


Remember last week when the world was so shocked to learn that Brian Griffin, a main character on the long running animated Fox series Family Guy, was killed off on the show that folks started rallying in order to try and get the character back on the series? Well, either those efforts have worked extremely well OR the Family Guy producers have been effing with us all along because today we learn from Entertainment Weekly that Brian will reportedly return to the show later this month. Even more telling that Brian’s death was never meant to stick comes the revelation that a major comedic actress has already been hired to appear on Family Guy NEXT YEAR as a love interest for Brian Griffin. HMMMMM. It sounds like we’ve all been bamboozled, y’all.

You might want to dry those eyes and pour a welcome-back martini for Brian, because it looks like our dearly departed dog will be returning shortly to Family Guy. Yes, the beloved talking canine who met his demise in the Nov. 24 episode will pop back up on the animated Fox comedy in the Dec. 15 installment. (The network declined to comment.) How exactly Brian — who is voiced by series creator Seth MacFarlane — will re-emerge from the land of the dead is unknown, but he will continue to play a role on the show. (In an episode slated to run next fall, for example, he becomes enamored with an avid runner, played by Maya Rudolph) … The official logline for the Dec. 15 episode, titled “Christmas Guy,” opens the door for Brian’s return, stating that “Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas,” and lists Brian in the cast of characters. What kind of Christmas miracle is coming to Spooner Street? That present will be opened a week from Sunday.

LOL! I mean, can we really be mad at any of this? This kind of stunt is EXACTLY the kind of thing that Family Guy would pull … not only for ratings and attention (which every TV show wants) but also to seriously fuck with longtime viewers. If you are at all familiar with this show then you know you can’t ever take a single thing they do seriously … at all. Yeah, Brian Griffin is coming back for sure. I’m not sure what will happen to the new dog Vinny that was brought on to “replace” Brian after his death but I’m certain all will be revealed in due, hopefully hilarious time. As for this whole Brian is Dead thing, are you pissed or humored but it all?


  • Vicky

    I don’t watch the show, but there were as many (or more) people on my Facebook/Twitter posting about Brian’s death as Paul Walker’s death. At least it’s a cartoon and they can bring him back and do it in semi-believable way. I hate when other shows bring dead characters back. Like The Young and the Restless – no one is EVER dead on that show unless they die in real life. Anyways, I am sure Family Guy devotees will be thrilled that their beloved Brian will be making his return to the show :)

    • Kevin

      And I heard complaints of people saying there were more for Walker than there were for Mandela. Time to clean up your friends list if they think Brian is more important than Walker is more important than Mandela.

  • gordon

    I thought all along that Stewie, with his brilliant little devious mind, would find a way to bring Brian back. After all, Stewie made a Time Machine on one episode, didn’t he?

    • @gordon — “Stewie made a Time Machine on one episode, didn’t he?”

      Yes, he did … but in the same ep where Brian supposedly died, it was make clear that Stewie’s time machine was destroyed and could never be repaired again (lending credence to the belief that Brian had really died).

    • Kevin

      However, in the episode where Brian died Stewie was seen traveling to the future to buy himself a Christmas gift because he found out that he wasn’t going to get it. Present day/Dead Brian Stewie has to meet up with Time travel/Brian is alive Stewie to tell him to not destroy the time machine, OR get Brian off the street.

    • @Kevin — My head just exploded.

    • Kathy

      I don’t see the show regularly but Brian and Stewie MAKE the show! These 2 always have me laughing! I’m gonna watch the Dec 15th episode just to see how they bring him back from the dead. Should be very interesting!

  • TimF

    Brian was run over by a white Prius. Brian drives a white Prius.

    • Serenity

      For some reason, I’m imagining a “Dallas” spoof where Stewie goes to the shower, Brian is in there, and this was all just a dream.

    • @Serenity — That would be kinda funny.

    • Trevor

      The car that ran over Brian was Brian’s car…. Read it on official website… at least he is coming back Dec 15 2013 =D

  • Brenna Fender

    Thank goodness!

  • Lucas

    Remember the episode where they killed off Lois? When Stewie killed her on the cruise ship? They’ve done this before..