The US Version Of Morrissey’s ‘Autobiography’ Has Been Edited/Censored For Content


When Morrissey published his Autobiography in the UK back in October, many folks (me, included) were pretty surprised to read how open he was about the homosexual relationship he had with a man named Jake Owen Walters. Once news of Moz’s admission started to spread and be commented on, he issued a statement denying that he is homosexual and instead labeled himself as a “humasexual. Shortly there after, it was reported that Autobiography would be released here in the US … which was released this past Tuesday. It turns out that portions of Moz’s openness about his relationship with Jake have been edited out of the US version of the book. It’s unknown who made the decision to censor the book but it seems obvious why the edits where made … which, I must admit, is very disappointing to me. Read on to learn more about the censoring of Morrissey’s autobiography.

The U.S. release of Morrissey’s long-anticipated Autobiography downplays the Smiths singer’s two-year-long relationship with photographer Jake Owen Walters, according to WENN. When the book first hit shelves in the U.K. via Penguin Classics, one of the major revelations came via the anecdotes that detailed Moz’s time spent with the man. Though the book didn’t specify whether they were lovers, the author’s fondness is quite clear. But the G.P. Putnam’s Sons stateside release apparently does not include the photograph of Walters as a boy that the original contained. It also seems Walters’ name has been removed from a story about a night out with Pretenders’ Chrissie Hynde. WENN reports that these are two of “many details” that have been modified or redacted for this version of Autobiography. The two-year relationship, which inspired Moz to dub himself humasexual, took place in the mid-’90s.

I have to say, considering how private Morrissey has always been about his personal life, I was surprised and very impressed by how open he was in Autobiography about his relationship with Jake Walters. Because I know how much of a control freak Moz is with his work, I can only assume that he is responsible for the editing/censoring of his book. It remains to be seen if Morrissey will comment publicly about the editing out of his same-sex relationship with Jake but I have to admit that I am saddened that the decision to censor the book was made. I, personally, have always sensed a bit of self-loathing in Morrissey where his personal life is concerned. This decision to edit out his homosexual experience from his own autobiography just reinforces that belief. In the end, Morrissey’s story is his own to tell … but I can’t help but be disappointed with his decision to edit out such an important part of his life from a book written about his life experience. This is just … really sad.