Amanda Bynes Has Been Released From Rehab, And Is Looking At Colleges


Earlier this month we learned that Amanda Bynes would most likely be home for the holidays. Amanda has been in the Malibu rehab facility The Canyon for a few months now and has apparently been making some progress. This is great news because there was a period of time when she was first hospitalized and– according to reports that we were hearing– things just seemed to be getting progressively worse for her. But Amanda’s officially home for the holidays! And according to reports, she’s looking into studying fashion in college. Click inside for more.

E! has the deets:

The 27-year-old Hairspray actress has completed inpatient treatment and is currently recovering at her parents’ Los Angeles residence.

“Amanda and her entire family would like to thank everyone who’s contacted them with good thoughts and wishes for Amanda’s recovery,” her mother’s attorney, Tamar Arminak, tells People in a statement. “Amanda has completed her inpatient rehabilitation and she’s feeling better every day.”

“Despite the fact Amanda is no longer in a facility, her outpatient treatment is continuing. She’s very happy to reestablish the loving relationship with her family that she once shared.”

According to Arminak, Bynes is “now looking at various colleges with the intention of majoring in fashion design. She’s mentioned before she’s interested in creating a clothing line.”

Bynes isn’t exactly a novice in the world of fashion. After all, the All That star designed a collection for Steve & Barry called Dear in August 2007. (The partnership ended when the company went bankrupt.)

This is great news– I’m sure Amanda is thrilled to be home right now. And as far as the fashion courses, if she’s feeling up to it I’m sure getting involved in something she loves and staying busy will be good for her ongoing treatment.

Hopefully Amanda will keep up with her outpatient care, and continue to move in the right direction.

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  • Britney’sBitch

    Everybody. Hold on to your weave. We’re taking off.

  • Britney’sBitch

    But seriously…I really hope she got better.

  • Alicia Mayo-White

    Very excited she is looking at Fashion School. It’ll be nice to get a celebrity line that actually has education behind it instead of just a name. Go Amanda!!

  • Ben@PR

    Seems like when she was in a down spiral her posts used to get a shitload of comments. Wishing you all the best Amanda! May this upcoming 2014 be a healthier and peaceful year for you

  • nicole

    so happy to hear this! wishing her all the best for 2014.

  • adam

    I’m so happy for this. For her. I do have to say one thing that no one is going to agree with me on, though. I cannot put my finger on exactly what it is; and parents say and do silly things all the time in crisis anyway, so even if I could. But… something rubs me the wrong way about her ‘rents. I’m not saying they don’t have her best interest at heart — I’m sure they do. But… something rubs me the wrong way about them and their ability to foster a healthy relationship with Amanda moving forward. It just… I just get a vibe, I guess. I hope I’m wrong and certainly this progress is great news and I wish her and her family all the best.