Yesss!!! André 3000 & Big Boi Reunite In Atlanta


At the start of this year, André 3000 made it very clear that Outkast wouldn’t be reuniting anytime soon … but then, just a few weeks ago, all of that changed when Big Boi himself started hinting openly that the duo were reportedly confirmed to reunite in 2014 for a headlining gig at the Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival in Indio, CA. This weekend, André and Big Boi DID reunite in Atlanta, GA and we have photographic proof below. The two have been mum on what, exactly, they’re up to but it seems extremely likely that they have begun the behind the scenes work on their much-anticipated musical reunion.

Just leaving the old Stewart Ave . #unfuckwittable / The Mighty O , Outchea in these ATL SKreets #Unfuckwittable #yeahHoe

Big Boi posted these photos on his official Tumblr page, which immediately got fans all riled up about the Outkast reunion reports. It’s great to see The Mighty O together again. My guess is that the pair are already cooking up plans for their 2014 reunion which, I’m sure, will involve a concert tour that will bring them to cities all around the globe. The Outkast reunion is already underway, we are looking at it right here. I’m sure it won’t be too long before we get to officially freak out when new info and/or MUSIC is released :D

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  • Jamie O.

    Um, I’m pretty sure those overalls that Andre 3000 is sporting are the same ones he had on when he saw Justin and Jayz in Boston this summer. They must be his “going out” overalls. Nonetheless, exciting news!

  • OG Emily

    PRAISE JEEBUS!!! You boys have been missed.