We Need To Discuss My New Favorite Album ‘Saint Heron’ And The Fact That Solange Knowles Just Tweeted Me


Sigh. Okay. Where to begin, where to begin…? If you’ve ever been retweeted or tweeted at by one of your favorite celebrities, then you know how I’m feeling right now. Friggen. Solange. Friggen. Knowles. Friggen. Just. Friggen. TWEETED. ME!!! Not a retweet my friends. But, like, took time out of her day to type the words “Thank You!!” Please note the two exclamation points; that is how effing excited she was to read my tweet/mini-review of her new compilation album Saint Heron. Folks, Solange is OBSESSED with me and IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL OR ANYTHING. But seriously, y’all need to get up on Saint Heron and I’m here to help. Click inside for more!

I love this picture that Beyoncé posted on her Tumblr:


So here’s what happened. A couple of days ago my partner in babymaking, knowing full well how I feel about Solange and how much I loved/still bump her EP True, put me on to Solange’s new compilation, and told me that it was “pretty dope.” So I gave it a listen and later on I was all like, “Why did you lie and tell me that it was ‘pretty dope’ when, in fact, it is effing amazing and perfect and amazing?

The first thing I thought when I listened to this collection was that people (myself included) need to stop complaining about a lack of good music or whatever. There are hella people on this compilation alone who are clearly trying to make good music and are sticking to their own unique styles and sounds.

I love Solange’s track on here (Cash In), but legit– ALL of the songs are so good. Jhené Aiko and Cassie have great songs, and it was so awesome getting introduced to artists like Jade, Iman Omari (love, love, love Energy), and Petite Noir. Speaking of that guy, I ended up in a vortex and found this friggen video. Love it:


Now. About that tweet situation. Here’s what happened:

Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing? It’s that thing where one of your favorite singers finally notices you on Twitter and you realize that have a FRIGGEN typo in your tweet. GAAaaaahhhh. Died a little over that one.

Anyway, none of this is a big deal or anything, LOL. No, but really. I’m wayyy more excited about all this than I should be. And I cannot stress enough that y’all need to check out Saint Heron. Solange has bee one of my faves for a long time and she continues to impress. The album was released on her own label, Saint Records, and I can’t wait to see what she does next. And whether or not she’ll tweet me about it. ‘Cause we’re BFF now.

Yes, I’m all about Twitter right now and went and found this button, LOL:

  • Juneh

    Shannon, this was cute! Your excitement and happiness made my day! Thanks!

    • Shannon

      Juneh, no– thank YOU for indulging me, LOL :)

  • @Shannon — It’s obvs that Solage not only loves you but she wants to be your friend. Well done.

    • Shannon

      Trent, THANK YOU. And yes, she’s very much into me. It’s fine.

  • OG Emily

    Shannon!!! I squealed for you … then saw your typo … and I cringed for you.

    But fuhgedaboutit … The point is, Solange not only is your new BFF, but she’s also bringing her closet to your play date.

    • Shannon

      OG Ems (have you noticed I gave your nickname a nickname– do you like?), yes this was intense. The win, the fail; it was all worth it in the end though.

      Honestly. If Solange lived in Nyack our kids would totally go to the same school and we’d totally hang out and swap clothes. And by ‘swap’ I mean I’d be the primary borrower. This is all happening in an alternate universe, BTW.

    • OG Emily

      A) LOVING my nickname.
      B) In your alternate universe Solange and Kerry are taking you for an afternoon of shopping so Miranda can sneak into your house and decorate for your surprise party. Mos Def and I are married and living next door and we babysit Josev often. And everyone wears eyeliner.

  • Aisis

    First, I love you cuz ur almost as insane as I am, and that my friend is saying something. Second, I am fairly certain that I have tweeted you and I am as famous, in my own mind because duuhhhh there’s no judging on PITNB, as the AWESOME-SAUCE that is Solange Knowles — so yeah, uhm #recognize (because I did not see you having happy pink bubbles all float in’ about at MY tweet. Third, my last comment should get replies like, “Yeah, Aisis…jealous much?” And I’d be all, whtvs! I mean, Solange is so NOT Tupac…or is she…?


    • Shannon

      Aisis, you are so nuts. What’s your Twitter so I can know to get CRAzy-excited when you tweet me? LOL :)

      And no, Solange is no ‘Pac… but she is kinda gangsta, and she is a poet soooo… it’s still a big deal!

  • Joe

    hiLARious :D love this post! got tweeted, retweeted, favorited & followed this weekend by “one of my girlfriends” who happens to be a HOT Danish pop star who had a bday (hence me original tweet) & i’m pretty chuffd! he-he! AND those others who think they like her more (like, whatEVrrrrr!) are retweeting & favoriting me tweet still! bully for you, Shannon :)

    • Shannon

      Joe, bully for you! (yes, I’m going to start saying that now.) We are so effing famous and important right now, it’s awkward… LMAO. You better tweet me. Us celebrity-tweet-recipients need to stick together ;)

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