Selena Gomez Posts A Make-Up Free Selfie On Instagram


The other day we got to check out a bunch of new Instagram photos featuring Justin Bieber (gangsta extraordinaire), and all his many tattoos. The Biebs has been taking hella selfies lately, but folks are saying that he and his ex-boo Selena are going through some stuff. Selena recently took to her own Instagram account to share a “#nomakeup” photo, but the caption she wrote along with it may or may not be a stab at Bieber. Click inside for more!

So, here’s the photo, in which Selena looks great:


I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh… #nomakeup #hatewhengirlssaythat

I guess people have been making comments about Beiber’s choice in women and how he may or may not have a preference for Latinas. I know he was linked to Ashley Moore a while back, but she’s not even Latina (unless we’re gonna start calling all racially ambiguous girls Latina… lol). But I don’t really see how this is a dig at Justin. Depending on how you take that last hashtag, it could be a dig at other chicks making this claim. What do you guys think?

And seriously. How cute is Selena?