Paul Walker’s Autopsy Delayed, Second Accident Victim Identified


Yesterday we learned the very sad and very tragic news that actor Paul Walker and a friend were killed in a fiery car accident after the pair attended a charity event in Santa Clarita, CA earlier in the day. Today we learn more news about the accident that, sadly, adds to the tragic nature of the way these two men died. According to TMZ, the autopsies of the bodies have to be delayed because of the severe damage done in the accident. Additionally, the identity of Paul’s friend (the driver of the car) who also died in the accident has been revealed. It is a very sad day for the family and friends of these two men and for countless fans the world over.

Paul Walker’s body was burned so badly the coroner needs his dental records to identify the body … TMZ has learned. A rep for the L.A. County Coroner tells us … the bodies of Paul and his friend/business partner are currently unidentifiable and their autopsies will be delayed until later this week. We’re told the coroner is waiting on both sets of dental records before proceeding … The two joined forces to create the “Reach Out World Wide” Foundation to help disaster relief in other countries — and as we first reported … the group was behind yesterday’s fundraiser for typhoon relief in Santa Clarita.

According to reports, the man behind the wheel in yesterday’s accident was 38 year old Roger Rodas, Paul’s friend of nearly 10 years:

The driver of the car involved in Saturday’s fatal crash, which killed Hollywood actor Paul Walker, has been named as former race car driver Roger Rodas – according to a Santa Clarita radio station. The pair met when they raced cars together at the Pirelli World Challenge, and Rodas later became Paul’s business partner and financial adviser. Roger was the CEO of Always Evolving, a car customisation shop, where Saturday’s charity event was being held. Walker was in the passenger seat of a friend’s red Porsche GT on his way to a charity event when the driver lost control. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department confirmed when officers arrived at the scene, they found the vehicle had gone up in flames and two people were pronounced dead.

This photo was posted on Twitter that shows Paul standing next to the red Porsche GT that was involved in yesterday’s fatal accident, taken just hours before his death:

Everything about this tragedy is just so incredibly sad. Two friends who worked together for the betterment of others are killed after a charity event near to both of them as they shared their mutual love for fast cars. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering that the Walker and Rodas families are enduring right now but it is my sincere hope that they are able to find the strength to endure. Again, my thoughts and prayers go out to the surviving family and friends of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.

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  • GGDW

    I don’t know. There’s just something about the details of a tragic death being publicized that rub me the wrong way. It’s like learning the details of a gruesome murder and I guess I just think about the family in this case and people who loved the deceased. Do they really need to know that someone they loved was mangled so badly that dental records were the only way to identify them? I’m not blaming you, Trent or saying you even did anything wrong. I guess it just sucks when some loses their life far too soon in a violent way. :-(

    • @GGDW — I know exactly what you mean. I always struggle with this kind of thing. But, it’s news. News isn’t always good news. This accident is what happened. In the end, I have to decide whether or not to pass along the news as it is being reported.

    • GGDW

      @Trent-I guess that’s the downside of journalism and it’s nice to know there are still journalists out there who struggle with decisions such as these. I always come here first when a celeb passes because I know it will be treated with respect and the comments will be equally respectful. You wouldn’t believe some of the comments I’ve read already about this. It sucks that they get to keep posting vitriol while philanthropists like Paul Walker leave our world.

    • Serenity

      @Trent, i’ve long appreciated that, when you report this stuff, there’s a sense of sadness and regret as opposed to the feeling of “wow, this will get a lot of hits on my site! Voyeurism ftw!” You’ve always posted about these things with the compassion of a human being, and not some gawker.

  • Deb Hodgon

    This is just so sad. When my daughter first told me that he’d died in a car accident I thought it was some sort of sick joke and a cruel hoax.

  • Karen

    I’m surprised to feel so sad about this. Especially sad for his 15-year-old daughter who just came to live him in the past year, after living with her mom in Hawaii until then.

    I always liked Paul Walker. At first, I just thought he was gorgeous, but then I’d read interviews with him and he struck me as such a genuinely nice guy. And just recently, I’d read about how he had gotten involved in marine biology stuff, along with his philanthropy.

    A sad loss for those in his life and those whose lives he would have benefited through his philanthropy.

  • Oscar

    He was a beautiful man in and out.Into the Blue was not a great movie but it was so great to watch Paul in it.I will miss his acting in new pics although there is one more coming next year.I’ll see it.

  • Rachel

    I hate seeing any of these graphic details. I feel horrible for his family and friends. The media are vultures and have no sensitivity anymore. Anyone and everything is fair game. Not saying you Trent. I already saw this on TMZ. I was SHOCKED to see such information. :( Which, they are vultures hovering everywhere. Sick. just sick. He was a father, son, brother, friend. People just want the story these days and have lost their humanity.