This Is What Jennifer Lawrence Looked Like In Middle School


A user on Reddit who attended middle school with Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence decided to share with the world a photo of a much younger J. Law so that we can see what she looked and acted like back in the day. Unsurprisingly, not much has changed from when Jen was in middle school and now that she’s an accomplished actress in Hollywood. Jennifer Lawrence has always been a down to Earth and “real” celeb which a love for the goofy so it should come as no surprise that she was a goof back in school, too. Check out the cute photo in full below.

Jennifer Lawrence could captivate a camera back in junior high, too. A photo posted on Imgur by Reddit user miloblue12 shows Lawrence in full ham at Kammerer Middle School in Louisville, KY. Dig those blond curls. “Jennifer Lawrence went to my middle school. She hasn’t changed much since,” miloblue12 wrote in the headline. The poster told Cosmo that Lawrence, then 14 apparently, was “witty as hell.” Lawrence, of course, now has an Academy Award and a box-office record breaker in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” to go with that expressive mug.

It’s really impossible not to love Jennifer Lawrence, isn’t it? Not only is she an incredibly talented actress but she has managed to not lose her head due to all the fame and fortune she’s achieved. J. Law is as real as they come and it’s really nice to know that she has always been this way. This photo is really cute. I bet she was really fun to hang out with in school … mainly because she strikes me as a really fun person to hang out with now.

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  • nicole

    she would have perfect hair in middle school… *sigh* – i bet she was like..the chillest, most awesome friend to have in school