Reports Indicate That Paris Jackson Still Has A Long Road Of Recovery Ahead


Back in June, as you may recall, we learned the shocking and sad news that Paris Jackson (the only daughter of the late Michael Jackson) had to be hospitalized in the wake of a suicide attempt. In the months that followed, we learned that Paris is on the road to recovery and, thankfully, the reports we have been hearing have been positive and hopeful. Today, we learn from TMZ that Paris is still doing well with her recovery but she still has a long way to go to be fully (if that’s even possible) recovered.

Paris Jackson is doing better as she remains ensconced in a Utah boarding school … but we’re told she’s riddled with so many problems she could be there “for years.” We’ve learned Paris had a family therapy session this morning with Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson. We’re told Debbie and Katherine were on the phone, while Paris was with her therapist at the facility. Sources say Paris may get a pass to come home for a few days in January, and Katherine is redoing Paris’ room for the homecoming. But the homecoming will be short-lived. Our sources say the boarding school will be home for a long time, very possibly “years.”

On the whole, this is good news. That Paris continues to thrive in recovery is extremely hopeful. If it takes months or years for her to heal from her trauma, then so be it. Life for her in Utah is bound to be much healthier than it would be if she were still home in LA with the Jacksons, IMHO. You may recall that we first heard back in June that Paris’s recovery would take a very long time … so this update is just confirmation of that original report. I am really rooting for Paris Jackson. She’s young, with her whole life ahead of her. She has plenty of time to heal on her own terms. I’m certain she misses her family but, in all honesty, I believe that being away from their circus life is the best thing for her right now.


  • rOXy

    Sending healing hug vibes to Paris. I agree that where she is is better than where she was. She needed to be swaddled in a nurturing, protective. stable environment and it sounds like that is exactly what is being provided. Whoever is responsible for making sure she received the care she needed deserves credit and an abundance of accolades. I am so happy that Debbie stepped in and continues to be involved.