Miley Cyrus Shares Personal Birthday Photos


Miley Cyrus celebrated her birthday over the weekend and except for the fact that her home was burglarized the night before she turned 21, it appears that she enjoyed a fabulous birthday. As far as I can tell, Miley managed to keep the wild antics to a minimum … even possibly, to a non-existent degree. She partied on her birthday Saturday night but because she had to perform on the American Music Awards Sunday night, it sounds like she kept her celebration fairly low key. HMMM. Is it possible that Miley matured into real adulthood overnight? Because I was expecting to see crazy photos from Miley’s party, I’ve kept my eye on her social network profiles. Click below to see some of the photos she shared with her fans.

Turning 21 is a coming-of-age milestone most people like to celebrate with a huge party, plenty of booze and wild, outrageous behaviour. But seeing as that’s more or less every day for Miley Cyrus, it seems the star may have chosen to ring in her 21st year on Saturday night with a slightly more low-key affair. The Wrecking Ball hitmaker posted several photos to her social media accounts, though so far none have revealed any of the shenanigans most had been expecting. The star appeared fresh-faced and like she had managed to get a decent amount of sleep the night before in a photo posted on Sunday morning of her lying in bed. She also got snap happy sharing sweet pictures with her dogs, who seemingly jumped in the bed to wish her a happy birthday. Her close pal Vijat Mohindra, however, made sure the milestone didn’t pass without some sort of festivities, revealing a birthday cake she made for her friend that looked positively delicious. The colourful rainbow creation was a fitting homage to Miley’s gay icon status, with the sweet dessert featuring five different coloured layers, covered with white icing and with plenty of sprinkles on top and candles to match. ‘The gayest birthday cake ever,’ the birthday girl tweeted along with a pic … The songstress also happily posed sans make-up and in a baggy grey sweatshirt – with her signature sticking-out tongue – in front of a huge floral arrangement in the shape of an ‘M’. The pink and white bouquet brought a huge smile to Miley’s face and the singer thanked two friends for their kind and thoughtful gesture. ‘I can’t thank my babies enough!’ she captioned the images on Instagram.

Yeah, I was expecting to see photos of nekkid little people, animals in pools, a trashed home with bottles of booze strewn everywhere … hmmm, who knew? To be honest, it’s really refreshing to NOT have Miley wilin’ out for attention. As I understand it, she enjoyed her birthday with her family and close friends … which I’m sure she appreciated after having her home violated by burglars the night before (I understand she was robbed of approximately $100k worth of stuff). I love her cute cake. It’s a far cry from the penis cake she got for ex-fiancée Liam Hemsworth on his birthday last year. I am a fan of gentler, quieter Miley. I doubt it’ll last so I’m gonna appreciate it while I can.


  • schmee

    Does anyone else think the M made out of pink flowers seems like something she took home from a Mariah Carey brunch?

    • @schmee — Hahaha, yes. It deff looks like something that Mimi would have on her dinner table on any given day.

  • Lulu

    I went back a read the comments from the penis cake post..
    and Mr.Gyllenhaal totally called it! lol

  • Lynne

    I remember when Miley threw her Sweet 16 at Disneyland. I was a cast member at the time. My roommates, some friends, and I watched her firework show from our living room window… Good times, and how those times have changed!

  • Kelly

    Uhh… What about her Instagram vid?

    • @Kelly — Yes, this is what I was expecting to see from her, LOL!