First Listen: Jamie Lynn Spears Releases A Country Single Titled ‘How Could I Want More’


In June of 2012 we saw video of Britney Spears’s younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears performing a new song that she had recorded now that she is living in Nashville, TN. At the time, we heard that Jamie Lynn was testing out her new music at tiny shows around Nashville as she worked on putting together a full album of songs. Last night, seemingly out of the blue, JL released a new single titled How Could I Want More for our listening pleasure. This is Jamie Lynn’s first official single ever as a solo artist and as you can hear below, it’s a very strong first effort. Even tho I am not a big fan of Country music, there are a few Country artists and songs that I enjoy and I can really appreciate Jamie Lynn’s new single. Have a listen, judge for yourselves.

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark and guess that the lyrics to this song were inspired by Jamie Lynn’s fiancee Jamie Watson (as you may recall, the pair got engaged to be married back in March of this year). I’m really impressed with this song, to be totally honest. The lyrics are really poignant and the song itself is quite catchy for a ballad. Musically, it straddles the line between Country and Folk and it does it quite well, I think. I’m also quite taken with how much Jamie Lynn looks like her older sister Britney:

It remains to be seen if Jamie Lynn will be able to enjoy the massive career success that her sister still enjoys but it’s clear that she has the talent to forge her own name in the music business. It’s unknown how much longer we will have to wait to hear more from Jamie Lynn but I’m assuming a full album is on the way … soon. What do you think of Jamie Lynn’s new single? Are you impressed? You can buy the song from iTunes HERE.


  • Ashley

    I love this. It makes me so excited to hear more from her. I could see this receiving very well on the country charts, good for her!

  • Nathan

    I think her voice is good in this. I’m biased toward country music I guess, but I think her voice is on par or better than Britney’s.

  • Jill

    I have no idea what I expected, but I’m really diggin’ this!

  • rOXy

    So pretty in an old skool country kind of way. Her voice is crystal clear.

  • nicole

    this is really good. i like the fact she kind of when classic country instead of pop country.

  • cutitout

    I’ve always thought Jamie Lynn had/has a much better voice then Britney. This proves it.

  • Megan

    It’s a really nice song, and she sings it beautifully. But it was hard for me to get into because I don’t really get/connect with the lyrics. First listen, I feel like it’s a song about a great guy that she’s not head over heels for but he’s so sweet and treats her right, so even though she wants more she shouldn’t. Idk, doesn’t seem very romantic lol.

    • @Megan — “so even though she wants more she shouldn’t”

      The way I interpret the lyrics, she is saying the guy is so amazing that it’s impossible for her to want more in a person because he is everything.

  • Alecia

    Out of all the celeb siblings out there, I’ve always liked Jamie Lynn than most others. She knew she was Britney’s sis but to me never overemphasized it or used it wrongly. Even when she got pregnant I was still rooting for her. I’m glad she’s found her way and is making the music she wants on her terms.
    And I like that she’s not following trends but doing it her way.

  • Thomas

    I love this song. Jamie Lynn sounds great and as a fan of Country music, I think this is a fantastic song. Since I’m also a huge Britney song, this combines two of my favourite things haha. I hope it’ll be a success for her on the charts.

    • Thomas

      And I keep listening to this on repeat. It’s official. I’m buying it on iTunes right now.