Those Outkast Reunion Rumors Have REPORTEDLY Been Confirmed


A couple of days ago a rumor started going around that Outkast might headline the 2014 Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival next spring but at the time, it was all just talk. Today we are hearing “confirmation” that Outkast is not only reuniting for a tour next year but also that they will, supposedly, headline Coachella. Thus far, I’ve yet to see anything directly from Outkast members André 3000 or Big Boi but there are other sources who claim to be confirming the rumor. Read on to learn who is saying what about the return of Outkast.

After years of speculation, André “André 3000″ Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton aka OutKast are indeed reuniting next year, 2014. It was officially confirmed by Revolt TV that the duo will be heading back on the road to tour. In addition it was confirmed by OutKast collaborator Sleepy Brown that they will also be performing at next year’s Coachella. So twenty years after their debut, the duo is back. Fingers-crossed that we’ll also be graced by one of the greatest duos in hip hop and pop music if all time.

You can watch the Revolt TV report HERE but you will see that no official source is given for this “confirmation”. The Sleepy Brown confirmation came from his Instagram profile where he posted an image that read OutKast Headlining Coachella 2014 before it was deleted from his feed … which lends credence to the rumor in that it’s possible that Sleepy wasn’t supposed to say anything just yet. I know there is a lot of wishful thinking going on regarding this Outkast reunion and it FEELS like a lot of Outkast fans are going to be very happy next year but … it might be prudent to hold off on getting too excited just yet. Or, let’s all just freak out ‘cuz OUTKAST IS TOTALLY GOING TO REUNITE NEXT YEAR!


  • Jamie O.

    Oddly Andre 3000 was at the first night of JT/Jayz at Fenway in Boston this summer, two rows ahead of me on the field. I thought it was strange he and his kids were sitting with the masses on the field- he had just been on the Great Gatsby soundtrack with Beyonce, but alas, there they were, in like the 20th row. I knew who he was immediately but most of the younger kids around us, late teens and early 20s, had to murmur among themselves to figure out who he was. So maybe that’s why he was in the general population audience and not somewhere better where I hear many Patriots players were watching the show. In any event- this could be fun news!