Watch: Justin Bieber Helps Little Brother Jaxon Bieber Celebrate His 4th Birthday


Justin Bieber took some time in between takes on the set of his music video for All That Matters to help his little brother Jaxon celebrate his 4th birthday. The video starts out really cute with Justin carrying his little brother toward his birthday cake while everyone sings Happy Birthday To You to the happy little dude. After he blows out his candles, tho, all of the Biebers (including dad Jeremy and sister Jazmyn) gather together for a photo and then … ugh … Jeremey Bieber turns into an asshole and makes Jaxon cry in front of the cameras ON HIS BIRTHDAY! EVEN WORSE, daddy Jeremy is the one who decided to share this video with the world! Check out the video above to see for yourselves. The video stars out really cute and then the douchebag dad goes and ruins all the fun. Happy Birthday, Jaxon. Sorry your dad is a dick.

  • Jamie

    Jeez they could of at lest helped the poor kid get the frosting OUT of his nose!! Poor wittle boo.

  • nicole

    so Biebs gets it from his dad…good to know.

    • OG Emily

      You beat me to it! My thoughts exactly. LMAO.

  • OG Emily

    Three things noteworthy here –
    1) 4 year old and 19 year old have the same voice pitch.
    2) Dweebs drops out at the high notes on “Happy Birthday” … That’s fine, I do it too … But I’M NOT A PROFESSIONAL SINGER.
    3) I will give it to the little guy – even tho his father ruined his moment, the kid did go back to the cake and have fun. Good thing he has perseverance – he’ll need it in that family.

    • dc

      So glad I’m not the only one who noticed that he copped out of singing the high notes.

  • Nathan

    Ugh. Daddy Bieber is such a dick. He’s the only person to ever do this…