Watch: Christina Aguilera Teams Up With A Great Big World For Their ‘Say Something’ Music Video


Already this year, Christina Aguilera has found massive success by collaborating with Pitbull and Spanish singer Alejandro Fernández so … I guess she decided to team up with A Great Big World for her most recent collab. The band released the music video for their new single Say Something and as you can see above, Xtina looks and sounds flawless in this very powerful video. To be honest, this isn’t a band that I would probably notice were it not for their association with Xtina but you must admit that they do make beautiful music together. I hope Xtina is ready to begin work on her next solo album (especially considering the success she is enjoying with her song We Remain from the original motion picture soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) but, if she wants to keep collaborating, I can’t be mad at her. With the success she’s enjoyed this year, I can see why she’d want to keep her success streak going.

  • Karen

    omg. The old couple in the video? Devastating. I need to go watch something else now…

    • Emily Lange

      it felt like the first 15 minutes of “up”

      I couldn’t stop my self from crying!

  • Terry Lindsay Haddix

    Beautiful song. Pretty video. Creepy third person that doesnt do anything…

    • @Terry Lindsay Haddix — YES, I thought the same thing. That guy on the piano, why?

  • Jess

    I love this song and I also love that Christina respected the song enough to stay in the background. They expected her to take a verse & just belt, but instead she said she wanted to leave the song as is.

  • Patrick

    was balling …such powerful images and yet simple…well done!!

  • Cupcake

    LOVE her so much & have nothing but respect for her.

  • Cameron

    Soooooo refreshing to hear her sing and not scream! Gorgeous!

  • nicole

    i loved this song before Christina got attached to it (thank you ‘so you think you can dance’ for that) but he voice definitely adds something to the song. the video is beautifully done.
    as for the random guy..they should have had him playing an instrument like he did when they were on the voice.

  • Becca

    Shannon dubbed the other day “the day of epicly horrible videos” and between this and Katy Perry I wouldn’t consider it a stretch to call today a WIN video-wise. LOOOVE!
    Beautiful is all it is.

    • @Becca — I dubbed the day, Shannon was enjoying her day off :)

  • Ross CMR

    Its crazy how different they sound when they’re playing one of their up beat songs like “Rockstar”

  • Isa

    Who is the guy sitting on the piano?