Britney Spears’s ‘Britney Jean’ Album Is Leaking All Over The Place But She’s Taking It In Stride


Earlier this week we learned that an unfinished version of the new song Alien from Britney Spears’s new album Britney Jean leaked to the Internets and then a day later, the stripped down and more raw version of her current single Perfume also leaked its way online. Last night, more songs from Britney Jean surfaced online as well as snippets of every other song from the album. Britney personally addressed the leaks on her official Twitter profile late last night/early this morning … read on to see what she has to say on the matter.

To those of you listening to the leaks… I hope you love… / I made this album specifically for my diehard fans so I’m just hoping every song touches you because each one is a piece of me. / PS- the official #BritneyJean release is December 3 ;)

As with any album release in such high demand, I think it’s become the norm that songs begin to leak ahead of the actual release date (in many instances, the entire album leaks days early). But, as Britney reminds us above, Britney Jean isn’t due out for more than 2 weeks. Still, she seems to be handling the matter in a mostly reasonable way. I’m certain her team is working overtime to try and find the person who leaked the songs but, then again, there are instances where song leaks are part of album release strategy. The fact that she’s not freaking out officially leads some to believe that the leaks are intentional. Whatever the case may be, fans will always be OVERLY anxious to hear new music and will jump at the chance (in many instances) to hear the music as quickly as possible. Here’s hoping that the leaks, tho, don’t hurt her album sales (as leaks are known to do). Because Britney is doing such little promotion for the album’s release, she can use all the help she can get. My fear is that Britney Jean may not make as big a splash on the album charts due to her lack of serious promotion more than anything else. I guess we’ll see. Have any of y’all heard the leaks yet? Do any of the new songs stand out to you? Do you have an early fave?


  • Britney’sBitch

    I don’t mind. I’ll buy them anyways.

    Bible number 8 is a must have :D

  • Sara

    I listened to them… I know I will buy it anyway. Already got Work Bitch and Perfume, so I might as well complete the album! :D Alien is fun, and I like parts of the ‘Til It’s Gone snippet. Not currently impressed with the collaboration (all I’ve heard on it is him so far) or the song with Jaime Lynn. My feelings could change once I get to hear the whole thing. I still wish that the Dreaming mix of Perfume was the official single. Oh well.

  • Princess20

    I’ve heard the new Britney songs especially Passengers. They are really beautiful impressive and I will buy the CD on its release week :)

  • Romesf415

    Not feeling this album based on the snippets I’ve heard! Strictly for Britney fans. She’s not gonna win over any new ones with this album!