First Listen: Ariana Grande Sings ‘Last Christmas’ For Her Xmas Album


Back in September we learned that newcomer Ariana Grande began work on a holiday album and today we get our first listen of the first bit of new music from that project. Ariana has covered the 1984 classic Wham! Xmas song Last Christmas for her new album and you can hear the song in full below. TRUST ME, I am SO not ready for Xmas to come just yet but we have to admit that it’s coming — fast and furious, whether we like it or not. I guess we might as well brace ourselves as best we can. Ariana sings the hell out of this song, click below and hear for yourselves.

This song is actually one of my fave Xmas songs … even tho it’s kind of sad. The song had particular poignancy for me last year so, Ariana, thanks for making me FEEL ALL THE FEELS AGAIN :/ For those of you who are unfamiliar with the original version of the song, here it is for comparison:

You gotta admit, George Michael sings the hell out of this song, too. I’m not really big on Xmas albums but I do enjoy Ariana’s music very much. Having heard her version of Last Christmas, I’m actually quite curious to hear more. Does this song put YOU in the Xmas spirit?