Watch: ‘Sesame Street’ Parodies ‘Catching Fire’ With ‘The Hungry Games: Catching Fur’


Folks, we’ve seen a few pretty good spoofs from Sesame Street this year but the Children’s Television Workshop may have just outdone themselves with their latest parody. Titled The Hungry Games: Catching Fur, the Sesame Street gang reinterprets one of the year’s biggest movies in a way that is cuter than your wildest imagination. Cookie Monster stars in this parody as Cookiness Evereat where he competes in The Hungry Games alongside Finnicky, Tick Tock Lady, and Pita (who is a piece of Pita bread — lol) for cookie supremacy. I mean, it’s damn brilliant. Click the embed above to watch and fall in love.

Dang, does this mean I have to start watching Sesame Street on the regular again?

  • luna

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA at the pita bread!!!!!!! I can never look at Peeta in the same way again!!! And Cookie’s brown braids KILL ME HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

  • DvrDiva

    I have toddler twins, so I see Sesame Street every day. Upside Downton Abbey and True Mud are the best. Sesame Street knows that parents will watch if there is something in there for them, like how I watched LL Cool J last week rap with Elmo.

  • blaqfury

    That was absolutely adorable…

  • Paul

    Cookie Monster has come a long way from the time when all his humor involved trying to get cookies from the other muppets.