Watch: Lorde Performs A 30-Minute Set Of Music On ‘Live On Letterman’


Earlier this week, New Zealand singer Lorde performed her song Team on The Late Show with David Letterman which was broadcast on national television here in the US. Lorde performed an additional 6-song set for Letterman’s webcast concert series Live On Letterman. Click the embed above to watch Lorde perform the songs Bravado, Buzzcut Season, Ribs, Royals, Tennis Court and White Teeth Teens on Letterman’s webcast series and get a REALLY good feel for what her live concert performances are like. Then, click below to watch Lorde’s performance of Team as it aired on The Late Show this week.

Taken in sum, Lorde performed more than half of her album on Letterman’s shows this week. I know it’s not always easy for folks to get out to see all of the artists they love in concert, which is why I love Live On Letterman. I’ve yet to be able to see Lorde in concert but her performances presented here is the second best thing to seeing her live. Enjoy.

  • Serenity

    I couldn’t watch more than the first few seconds of her first song. She has a good voice, but it really irks me when singers make these gestures that don’t seem to have any direction. It makes me remember a musical theater coach who barked at my class, “Every movement, every gesture, should have a meaning behind it! Don’t just move to move!” So now I always notice when people don’t seem to have put thought into their movements.

    • Krissy

      I can see that advise in regards to musical theater and the nature of that beast. However, I think when people are just up there singing, they should just move how the music makes them feel.

  • Emily Lange

    wow disappointing. they shouldn’t have made her so perfect on her cd.

  • CB

    LOVE HER. She is a goddess and a genius.

    • Serenity

      @CB I think she’s neither. We’re simply used to her peers who need autotune or can barely sing, so somebody like her seems better than she really is.