Stevie Nicks Will Make An Appearance On ‘American Horror Story: Coven’


Yes!!! Great news, American Horror Story: Coven fans … according to creator/writer Ryan Murphy the GODDESS of rock Stevie Nicks will be guest starring on a future episode of the show. Murphy tweeted the news on his official Twitter profile, sending fans into a complete maddening frenzy. Click below to read exactly what Ryan has to say about Stevie’s appearance on AHS: Coven and GET EXCITED WITH ME! The Coven is about to get a real life witch, y’all!

Break out your shawls and beads because Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks will guest star on “American Horror Story: Coven. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy tweeted the casting news:

@MrRPMurphy Guess who’s visiting the Coven? The legendary Stevie Nicks!

No further casting details were announced. “American Horror Story: Coven” has been referencing Nicks quite a bit. Lily Rabe’s character, Misty Day, talks about Nicks and her witch-y ways … Rabe spoke with Vulture about her character’s obsession with Nicks and said she was right there in terms of being a fan. “Well, I’m pretty obsessed with her, too. It’s been delicious. It’s not that Misty just wants to look like Stevie or listen to her music. She’s quite isolated and lonely, and she has this love affair with Stevie,” Rabe said. “Stevie is her idol and the lyrics are her mantras that she lives by. She’s looking for someone to help her understand why she is the way she is, so in that way her soul is nourished by Stevie. It’s not a superficial obsession, it’s a deep love. And yes, you will see some shawls.” Rabe said Murphy and Nicks have been in touch about the show. In fact, Murphy said the show used eight of Nicks’ songs in “Coven.”

I cannot with this news. This IS SO FANTASTIC! Honestly, with the way Stevie and her music has been treated on the show already, it’s already as if she were a member of the cast. I had a feeling that Ryan Murphy was gonna bring her on the show for real so this confirmation is exactly what I’ve been hoping for. There are still quite a few eps of the show yet to come and my guess is that Nicks will make her debut near the end of the season. AHS: Coven airs on FX Wednesday night’s at 10PM. If you’re not watching, you’re really missing out on one of the more entertaining shows this TV season.


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    YES!!! I hate that we have to wait so long.

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    This is the best thing ever!