Britney Spears Reveals The Album Tracklisting For ‘Britney Jean’


With under a month until Britney Spears releases her 8th album Britney Jean, fans have been getting anxious to find out which songs will be featured on the album. After a little teasing on her official Twitter profile this evening, Britney went ahead and released the official tracklisting for her album. As you can see below, the standard version of the album will feature 10 songs and an extra 4 songs will be available on the deluxe version (including that stripped down, alternate version of Perfume that we heard about). Britney collaborates with 3 people on the album, including Click below to see the tracklisting for Britney Jean and find out who else our dear Britney collaborates with on album #8.

#BritneyJean track listing comin at cha shortly :) …Any guesses on song titles? / Here is the TRUE #BritneyJeanTrackList

1 Alien 3:56
2 Work Bitch 4:07
3 Perfume 3:59
4 It Should Be Easy (feat. 3:26
5 Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) 2:57
6 Body Ache 3:25
7 Til It’s Gone 3:42
8 Passenger 3:40
9 Chillin’ With You (feat. Jamie Lynn) 3:38
10 Don’t Cry 3:14

Deluxe Bonus Tracks

11 Brightest Morning Star 2:59
12 Hold On Tight 3:27
13 Now That I Found You 4:16
14 Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) 4:02

So SOOO beyond excited to have my baby sis @jamielynnspears on the album. <3 <3 <3 And T.I. (@Tip)!!! My homie :)

AHH! This is great! Britney has recorded a song with her little sister Jamie Lynn Spears and, ahem, her “homie” T.I. So now we have the song titles, all that is left is for the actual MUSIC to be heard. It won’t be long now. Britney Jean will be unleashed upon us in no time. I cannot WAIT to hear it!!!


  • Kendra

    Gah! I haven’t been this excited for an album since….I think since her LAST album! Britney is ALWAYS good for super fun music and I seriously need some of that shizzy in my life right now!

  • RonRontb22

    Can’t wait for this album! Really looking forward to ‘Alien’, ‘Body Ache’ and ‘Don’t Cry’