Selena Gomez Rocks A Bob And Sexy Lingerie For ‘Flaunt’ Magazine

Grown And Sexy

It’s easy to forget that Selena Gomez is pretty much a grown woman, but Flaunt Magazine is here to remind us. This is absolutely one of my favorite publications; they’ve done so many fabulous shoots with Beyoncé, Carey Mulligan, and other celebs. Now Selena Gomez is flaunting her stuff for the glossy magazine and I think she looks amazing in this one. Rocking a bob and some fierce lingerie, Selena‘s doin’ the damn thing. Peep the gallery for more!


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  1. rOXy
    Commented on this photo:

    Mustard yellow has never been a favorite fashion color until now. Beautiful.

    • @rOXy — But that wig tho :/

    • rOXy

      @Trent – Well, yeah, aside from looking like they snatched that thing from the nearest dirty mop, I really like the fabric and cut of the dress. She’s got a sweet apple pie face, and I’m not sure the darker and smokier feel of this shoot works all that well for her, either.

  2. horrible wig kind of loving this photo shoot.

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