Justin Bieber Parties With 10 Ladies In Brazil


Earlier this week we learned of a reported sighting of popstar Justin Bieber sneaking his way out of a brothel in Brazil and today we learn that the good times just don’t stop for The Biebs. According to a very proud young woman, she was among 10 lucky ladies that were chosen to party with Justin Bieber privately during one of his night’s on the town in Rio de Janeiro. In other news, JB was snapped spray painting graffiti on a wall near his hotel which is against the law in Brazil. Naughty, Naughty. Click below to learn about this Bieber Party and see photos of the lad breaking the law in Rio this week.

He’s an international pop star worth an estimated $130 million – but there’s no forgetting Justin Bieber is still a teenager who evidently enjoys the simple things in life. Following an evening out at a nightclub, the 19-year-old is said to have taken a bevy of lucky young ladies back to his rented mansion in Rio, Brazil on Sunday night, where he treated them to a very un-glamorous feast. Upon signing a confidentiality agreement and handing over their mobile phones, partygoers were treated to a very child-like menu of chicken nuggets, chocolate, lollies, chips and peanuts.

LOL at the “confidentialty agreement” and DOUBLE LOL at the menu of “chicken nuggets, lollies and chips”.

Marina Binimeliz, an 18-year-old student, has revealed that she was one of 10 girls chosen by the singer to partake in the sugar and carb-laden festivities after talking her way into the star’s private room at Zax nightclub via a smitten translator. ‘He warned me not to hug or overwhelm Justin. So I kissed him the cheek as a greeting,’ she recalls. Heading back to his home a short time later, guests were met not with overflowing bottles of alcohol, raucous music and diva-like antics, but rather a more sedate atmosphere. ‘There were lots of snacks spread on tables by the pool, on the verandah and in the lounge area,’ the Daily Mirror reports the teenager as saying. ‘We ate peanuts, Doritos, crisps, chicken nuggets and slices of pineapple. Justin liked the Brazilian Misto Quente, which is toasted bread, egg, ham and cheese. There was lots of chocolate and Haribo sweets.’ The pretty brunette went on to reveal that she saw Justin ‘stuffing himself with Toblerone’ during the evening, but while the house smelt of marijuana, she didn’t witness the Never Say Never hitmaker smoking. Obviously eager to keep his low-key revelry routine under wraps, the star enforced his strict confidentiality policy. ‘We all had to sign contracts saying we wouldn’t take any photographs and, if we did, we agreed not to publish them,’ Marina explains. ‘I was only given my phone back when I left.’ She added: ‘I tried to take a picture of the contract, but they whipped the phone out of my hand before I could do so.’ At one point, Marina alleges that Bieber rather embarrassingly got up and danced to one of his own hits, before things ‘got a little crazy’ and he ‘jumped onto a wall and yelled, “I’m the king of the world!”‘ a la Jack in Titanic.


According to the youngster, Justin called it a night at 9am that morning, when he offered the girls coffee. ‘We weren’t told to go exactly,’ she explains. ‘Justin just said, “I’m tired. I think I need to go to sleep.” ‘He came to me, put his arm around my waist, squeezed me and kissed me on both cheeks. He wished me a good night and told me I was very cute. This was a fantastic, perfect moment for me,’ she gushed.

Well now … sounds like it was quite the rager. I love it. And now for the illegal stuff that JB got up to in Rio:

Justin Bieber is wanted by police in Rio de Janeiro for spraying a hotel wall with graffiti. An inquiry has been started into the ‘act of vandalism’ by the singer after he defaced the side of a £23 million hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning. And a police spokesman said the Canadian could be arrested when he next tries to enter Brazil. The singer, 19, along with friends and bodyguards, was seen spraying the wall in the city’s upmarket district of Sao Conrado at around 3am on Tuesday morning. As well as childish drawings of faces and baseball caps, the teen star scribbled phrases such as ‘Bielibers 4 life’ and ‘respect privacy’ on the side of the private property … Local newspaper photographers trying to take pictures of the Canadian idol reportedly had to call police after being attacked by members of the singer’s entourage. One paparazzo claimed he was left half-naked after having his clothes ripped off by Bieber’s bodyguards. Another’s car was reportedly pelted with bricks they had ripped from the cobblestone pavement. The singer was later reported to have stuck up his middle finger and shouted ‘suck my dick’ to photographers trying to snap him in the act. Graffiti is a considered a crime of vandalism in Brazil which carries a jail sentence of between three months to one year. According to civil police chief Antonio Ricardo, officers tried to locate the Canadian after he left the wall at around 6am.

This kid. I mean … spray painting graffiti isn’t the end of the world but when a global celebrity decides to make such an illegal act a high profile event by openly flaunting his disregard for the law you have to expect that there will be some bit of controversy. Will anything come of this? I doubt it. But if JB plans on doing something this dumb again, hopefully he’ll be less obvious about it. BELIEBERS 4 LYFE!

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  • Krissy

    What an ass! There is no other word for it! Committing a crime in public, and then having his buddies assault people because they took pictures of a public crime?

    The partying stuff is lame, but the repeated stories of his bodyguards using thug tactics and hurting people is really serious, IMO. Beiber has become the mob or something!

  • Meg

    I just want his career to end and to stop hearing about him. He is such a class-less little punk (do I sound 80 years old yet?!)

    I vote for a Bieber ban on the blog à la Kanye’s baby mama.

  • GM

    and there’s also a video of the after party ;)

  • Serena

    Did anyone see this coming? What i mean is that once a upon a time Justin was a cute young kid who was wholesome and a good role model. Now look at him? He is such an Ahole and Dbag. Makes ya wonder where he will be in the next couple of years. How many baby mommas will he have?? Eventually he will run outta money and he wont be able to pay people to carry him up the Great Wall of China. Is it wrong that i am waiting for him to be a has-been??
    I live in Vancouver, Canada and with all the Ontario drama like Toronto’s Crack smoking Mayor and Justin Bieber being the #1 D-Bag, i am so happy to be living on the West Coast, where all we get is rain! hahaha xoxo

    • Nectera Leigh Lambert

      no i agree man