Amanda Bynes Will Reportedly Be Home For Christmas


As we are well aware, much of 2013 has been difficult for former actress Amanda Bynes due to a well-documented bout with reported mental illness but we’ve been told that her life has normalized considerably in the past couple of months under professional care. In September we learned that Amanda’s condition improved enough so that she could be released from hospital care and enter substance abuse rehab care. Altho Amanda’s mother has cautioned that we shouldn’t believe everything we hear about her condition from third party sources, TMZ updates us today with new information about Bynes’s recovery. According to the site, Amanda will be released from rehab in a few weeks … in time to be home for the holidays.

Amanda Bynes will be home in her own bed by Christmas … TMZ has learned. Sources connected with her treatment tell TMZ … Amanda’s meds and psychological counseling have sufficiently stabilized her so her doctors will let her leave the Malibu rehab facility where she’s been held since September. As TMZ first reported … Amanda was released from the UCLA psych ward and went to the rehab facility because the psych ward was freaking her out and preventing her from improving. Doctors will release Amanda to her mom, who will then take her to the family house and provide supervision. The move will take place sometime next month. We’re told — aside from the fact that the meds and therapy appear to be working — doctors are concerned that Amanda is going stir crazy. She’s not allowed to go outside because paparazzi are hanging out at the facility and the staff is worried if Amanda is around other patients and pictures are taken, it will compromise the others.

It’s unclear how much of this information from TMZ is completely accurate but they do seem to have an endless font of information regarding these types of stories so I’m guessing there’s at least some nugget of truth here. If so, it’s good news for the Bynes family that Amanda is almost well enough to go home again. I think it’s a GREAT idea for Amanda to spend time in the care of her parents, away from the pressures and temptations of LA and NYC. If her recovery continues as positively as it sounds, it may be many months — if not a year or more — before we hear from Amanda Bynes herself. For her sake, I hope she is able to just stay away from social medial … focus on her health and well-being and move forward with her life in as healthy a way possible. I wish her continued luck for a completely successful recovery.


  • Emily Lange

    I just wish there was a law that protected her or any celeb leaving a mental health clinic from being attacked by the paparazzi. at least for a short amount of time. I’m worried she will get out and stress of it all will send her right back in.