Watch: Eminem Joins Kerry Washington In Promoting This Weekend’s Episode Of ‘Saturday Night Live’


Earlier this week we got to see the first batch of Saturday Night Live promo videos for this weekend’s episode which will feature actress Kerry Washington as host. Today we get to see new promo videos that feature Kerry and this week’s musical guest Eminem. For the most part, Em plays the stoic, stone-faced straight man as Kerry cracks wise but … make sure you watch the video to the end for a bit of a payoff :) SNL will air LIVE from New York tomorrow night at 11:35 PM ET.

  • nicole

    i probably laughed at this harder than i should have. from him just staring to the cupcakes..i laughed.

  • Britney’sBitch

    His age is starting to show off. But I agree….it was a funny one! :)

    • poppy lee

      well yeah i guess that’s human. people age. nothing wrong with that

  • DC

    lol I actually laughed. Love Eminem

  • OG Emily

    DEFFO PREGGERS – loose shift, cupping the belly … She hasn’t confirmed publicly, right?