Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Are Reportedly, Kind Of Dating Again


It’s been a while since we heard any Robsten news, but it sounds like Twilight actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be seeing each other again. Way back in March they were spotted hanging out, but we really haven’t heard anything about the two since then. Rumor has it Rob is not interested in a relationship right now, being hella busy with new projects and that sweet little Dior Homme campaign he has. But still, the two spent some time together the other day, so it looks like some kind of reunion is popping off. Click inside for more!

E! has the deets:

Whether or not they’re rekindling a romance, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are spending time together behind closed doors.

E! News exclusively learned that Kristen and Rob spent four hours yesterday at the house he’s been renting in a gated community in Beverly Hills, after which they tried to take the show on the road.

Rob, behind the wheel of his silver Jeep, was seen trailing Kristen’s blue Toyota pickup truck out of his neighborhood, the actress giving the occasional glance in the rearview mirror.

But whatever their plan was, they seemed to have a change of heart once they noticed that they had picked up a paparazzi shadow.

Rob turned his SUV around and headed back toward his house, leaving Kristen to give the photographer a piece of her mind without saying a word.

Personally, I can’t keep up with these two. It feels like we’re gonna be watching them do this on-again, off-again dance for a while. But, no judgement! They’re young, wild, and free to break up to make up as much as they want.

For now, the dating rumors are surely gonna start swirling again. What do you guys think– does it sound to you like Robsten has returned?

[Source] [Photo Credit: Splash]

  • Joan

    I think that if they just started to talk again after months of seemingly little-to-no public contact, then they may just be trying to be cordial again or re-establish some type of frienship. After all, they did date for a long time and, if reports are correct, the break up in May was rather abrupt. I think media/fans are jumping the gun to say they are “dating again”, but that just me.

    The thing with Rob is that no woman can be in his proximity without it being said by media that he is dating them. (They have tried to link him with about 3 girls in the past month!) So for me it’s not that I can’t keep up with THEM, it’s more lime media/fans freak out at everything.

    • LaurenL

      I agree, it looks like they are friendly and that’s it. I wish them well, but really it’s got to stink to have so much public interest constantly…

  • adam

    I don’t get ‘Robsten’ as a media or public interest *thing*. While have appeared in other projects, apart from Rob playing a character which he isn’t associated with in an HP film, and Kristen being in the Snow White movie and ‘Panic Room’ at age 12, neither has done anything of significant public interest apart from starring in the 13th or 14th (and quickly descending) largest movie franchise — one that was (correctly) critically panned and viewed mostly by 14 year old girls and their slightly creepy mothers. This isn’t a Brad Pitt (formerly with Juliette Lewis, then Gwyneth, then married to Aniston, cheated on her with…) / Angelina (formerly with Billy Bob Thorton, carried a vile of his blood around her neck, told reporters they had sex in the limo to the Oscars, told people her first time having sex at 14 involved cutting with knives, made out with her brother in front of cameras at the Oscars, estranged daughter of Jon Voight) situation. Yes, Kristen cheated with a married director. But before that, this couple did absolutely nothing to warrant the type of hounding they receive. I hope they each find happiness, with each other or with others. But I just don’t understand what makes them at all interesting to so many.

  • Gwenda Wakely

    This is only show, The Twilight Box Set is due out soon. This is a united front, to get us thinking they might get back together That way they will make more money .Once that is over they will part ways again. Rob likes his single life,he can get drunk,sniff a bit and have only himself to please .He is a sly man that wants things both ways.His interest in Kristen is Money and nothing more,and the same goes for her.