An Evening With The Dead


Last night I met up with my friend Adriana so that we could partake of the annual Día De Los Muertos Celebration on Olvera Street, which is one of my favorite things to do here in LA. I’ve been to the festival every year that I’ve lived here and was anxious to attend this year’s celebration. The festival takes place nightly the week of Hallowe’en and Day of the Dead (November 2) so there are plenty of chances to partake in the fun. Last night’s event was the most sparsely attended night I’ve ever seen but the folks who came out did so with love in their hearts. We had a great night.

Adriana and I were blessed, then we watched the parade processional. After the ritual ceremony in the plaza, we partook of the champurrado (hot chocolate) and pan (bread). Gah, I love this event so much. When it was all said and done, we made our way to Bigfoot Lodge in Los Feliz to meet up with AY’s friend Haruna and hang out for the rest of the night. We had fun.

Today is Hallowe’en and weirdly, I have no plans. I have tickets to see The 1975 play a show in Orange County but I honestly might just stay in. Because Hallowe’en is on a Thursday, everyone’s party plans are all screwed up. Darion invited me to attend the West Hollywood Hallowe’en Carnival but I think I might pass. It’s not even that I’m feeling anti-Hallowe’en this year, it’s mainly cuz nothing sounds fun enough to attend. Ah well, we’ll see. I hope all y’all have a great day today and an amazing Hallowe’en tonight! Be safe, y’all!

  • Allison

    Adrianna looks like she could be your sister.

    • @Allison — Really? I have never heard that before :)

  • momo

    Happy Halloween Trent!