Alyssa Milano & Shannen Doherty Would Prefer A ‘Charmed’ Movie To A Reboot Series


Shortly after it was reported that plans are in the works for a “re-imagined” reboot of the Charmed TV series, former Charmed stars Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan voiced their disapproval for the rumored reboot. Today we learn that former enemies/Charmed co-stars Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty have, apparently, mended fences and have united against the TV series reboot in favor of a Charmed movie that might star all of the original stars. Could it be? Could a Charmed movie become a reality instead of a planned TV series reboot?

‏@Alyssa_Milano: I would definitely do a #charmed movie. Would you, @H_Combs @rosemcgowan and @DohertyShannen?

@DohertyShannen: @Alyssa_Milano @h_combs @rosemcgowan yep I would. Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie.

This is very interesting because Alyssa and Shannen famously hated one another when they co-stared on Charmed together, so much so that Alyssa reportedly got Shannen fired from the show. Clearly, the two have let bygones be bygones if, in fact, they are serious about working on a Charmed movie together. Honestly, I am THRILLED at the idea that Alyssa and Shannen have made up because I always loved the original Charmed actresses together — Alyssa, Shannen and Holly Marie Combs. I did like Rose McGowan on the show after she replaced Shannen but I ALWAYS prayed that the 4 actresses would appear together again on the show — at least one time before it ended. A Charmed movie with the 4 Halliwell sisters would MAKE MY LIFE. Sadly, tho, I don’t see this happening … but damn, wouldn’t it be amazing? Sigh. A Charmed fan can dream. What say you, Marcus_em?


  • Britney’sBitch

    Oh wow that was unexpected.

  • Erin E

    Please let this happen. Please let this happen. Please let this happen.

  • Dianna L.

    OMG I would die. I always wanted Shannen to come back at least as a ghost. I’m very surprised she said she’d be up for that.

  • Marcus_em

    @ Trent I am ALL FOR a Charmed movie obviously! LOL and Shannon can be the new Grams!! I am loving this idea! I would probably show up to the theatre chanting “the power of 3 will set us free” and wielding some form of plastic Atheme lol and as long as the Manor was a part of it ughhh I am in there like swim wear! Thankfully Cailie Cuoco is entirely too busy now a days to reprise her role as Billy because that would just be god awful lol HATED HER but not nearly as much as sour faced Christie.. Gurl had some issue’s. lol Honestly any incarnation of Charmed I can get I will take but having all 4 Halliwells in on it would just be frikken shamazing!!!!

  • Joan

    I hate (not really) to bring cynical me into this conversation, but this does sounds a lot like they are jumping on the bandwagon of the small fandom re-awakening brought by the news of a potential reboot in order to get a job out of it.

    I’d loved it, but really, I don’t think a prospect of a potential movie is’n’t any less of a scary than the prospect of a reboot. If they think so, they are fooling themselves. I’m all for the power of the 3Ps though (and Prue was and is will be my favorite forever so it would be awesome to have her back), but I still think it looks fishy to speak against the reboot and then be all in if it’s them on the screen.

  • Jake

    Well, the least they could do is get all 4 of them together for the next Reunions issue for Entertainment weekly, no?

  • Franki

    I would LOVE this! but I am not holding my breath that both of them would make it onto the big screen..

  • jessica

    coming together to start in a movie and block a tv show where they make no money? I’d watch it but I (sorry) think it might be more of a tv wrap up movie than a wide release? some exec. who wanted the stars to figure out how to get along is smug that their faux tv reboot worked ;)

  • Harry

    Shannon & Alyssa agreed both agreed to the movie!!!! THEY AGREED!!! THE MOVIE MUST BE DONE! NOW! PLEASE :)

  • Shawndell Rivers

    I Also Want Shannen Doherty To Comeback As Prue!

  • Michael White

    What I don’t get is if Shannen is cool with them again then how come in the episode where Piper and Leo did marriage counseling, why did they not feature any Prue scenes with Phoebe and Paige? Aside from her back when she got on the motorcycle and rode out of the house. She would of gotten royalties for her scenes in the episode, regardless if they were old, she would get compensation. If they were to do a reboot, I think it should be taken over by Wyatt and Chris obviously as the main fighters, I mean they can be there as supporting cast, they would still be alive (Well except for Prue, she would have to be a ghost unless they were granted some kind of “reward” by having her returned to life, explain that to the world but then maybe the cleaners could fix it up a bit so it’s nice and neat!)