First Listen: Justin Bieber Releases A New Song Titled ‘Recovery’


It is time, once again, for a #MusicMondays update from the prince of pop Justin Bieber. His 10 week plan of releasing a new song every Monday morning leading up to the release of his new album in December rolls on today with the release of a new song titled Recovery. This song is a bit more upbeat than the previous songs we’ve heard in Mondays past but the R&B vibe is still going strong. Honestly, for the life of me, I don’t hear the appeal of these songs but JB drives the kiddies wild so there are plenty of folks out there who love his sound. Click the embed above to hear Recovery in full and see if it tickles your fancy … then, click below to read an official statement released by The Biebs that explains to fans the inspiration behind the song.

Yeah, both Justin and Selena Gomez are getting a lot milage out of their break-up … not that I blame them, to be honest. Are any of you digging on Recovery? Have the songs released thus far from Justin Bieber’s new album inspired you to want to hear more?

  • nicole

    mumble… mumble… mumble. i dont catch half the words he’s saying.