‘Murder, She Wrote’ Is Coming Back To Television?!


I have, in the past, professed my love for the incomparable Angela Lansbury. I’m still waiting to see her in that upcoming Wes Anderson movie, and I’m still not over that Terry Richardson photo shoot. So here’s some crazy news about which to get really excited… or really nervous, depending on your perspective. NBC is getting ready to bring Murder, She Wrote back to television… and Octavia Spencer has already been cast in the lead role made hugely popular by Lansbury. I honestly can’t wait to see this pilot episode. Click inside to learn more!

People has the deets:

Talk about must-see TV!

NBC plans to remake Murder, She Wrote with Academy Award winner Octavia Spencer playing the lead role made famous by Angela Lansbury.

The original series was one of the most successful TV shows in history, running for 12 seasons from 1984-1996 on CBS. As many as 23 million viewers tuned in Sundays to watch the English teacher-turned-writer, Jessica Fletcher, solve and write about the murder mysteries surrounding her.

The new version will follow Spencer as a hospital administrator and amateur detective who self-publishes her first murder mystery novel, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Okay, I am really curious to hear what y’all think about this. PITNBr Jess tweeted me this morning, and she is not feelin’ it, LOL. My thing is that I friggen loooove Octavia Spencer and fully believe she can do no wrong, so I’m really excited to see her take on this role. Jess says she doesn’t have a whole lotta faith in NBC, but I so want to believe that the Spencer factor will triumph over all.

I’m also curious to know if any folks from the original series are on board with this. What do you guys think? Will you be tuning in to Murder, She Wrote, the reboot?


  • Krissy

    1. I love Octavia and am so happy to hear that we will be able to see her in action every week!!!

    2. HELL YES to a female driven show that focuses on a smart, intelligent woman!

    3. I was too young to be into the original, I wasn’t the target demo…so this will actually be new to me. Yay!

    • @Krissy — I really don’t know how to react. I love Octavia too and I’d love to see her on a weekly basis. But MSW is so perfect already with Angela Landsbury … I dunno :/

  • Alecia

    I’m going to try to be positive but I can’t.
    A) Like you said Shannon- Angela Lansburry is an original that can’t be duplicated and arguably MSW is her most iconic role.
    B) NBC is a fail at remakes- see Ironside. I grew up watching a lot of the old school mystery shows with my mom even though they were in reruns by the time I came along. And let me tell you young kids, you don’t get better than an old school detective show.
    C) Octavia Spencer is an Oscar-winning actress. If she’s going to go to television- at least give her a one of a kind Shonda Rhimes or edgy cable drama to showcase her skills. Recreating a classic is hard no matter how you slice it.

  • Paul

    The secret to the long term success of “Murder She Wrote” was that it hit the old person market with the same vigor that “Matlock” did during the Reagan conservative years, and was done well enough to keep them coming back week after week. Octavia Spencer is not going to hit that market, because she is almost 20 years younger than Angela was at the time. I have the feeling they are just appropriating the title for name recognition. However, I do think it would be really fun to see an episode with both Octavia Spencer and Angela Lansbury working together to solve a mystery.

  • DJ

    So she parlayed her outta nowhere Oscar winning role into… Murder She Wrote??? Really??? She needs to fire her people.