First Look: Britney Spears Releases The Cover Art For Her New Album ‘Britney Jean’


Got some GREAT updates for y’all directly from our dear Britney Spears herself. Britney just unveiled the cover art for her upcoming 8th album Britney Jean, due out on December 3, on her official Twitter profile alongside the announcement that pre-orders for the album will begin on November 5. On that day, if you pre-order the album on iTunes, you will be able to immediately download the new song Perfume (which has been described as “career-defining”). Additionally, Britney posted a personal open letter to fans on her official website that speaks directly to the personal nature of the album. Click below to get your first look at the cover art for Britney Jean and then read the letter that she lovingly wrote directly to YOU fans.

A personal letter from me 2 u & the cover 4 my most personal album ever #BritneyJeanAlbumCover

GAHHHH!!!! I love this! That smirk … she looks fabulous. Here is the full text of the letter that Britney wrote to you:

Dear Fans,

I haven’t sat down to write you guys in SUCH a long time. Long overdue! We’re all so used to getting our thoughts out in 140 characters, but sometimes its nice to take time to sit down and write something a little longer and more personal. I am putting the finishing touches on my new album, “Britney Jean” over the next few days and I am so excited for you to hear it. I poured my heart and soul into this album and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and as I am finishing, I am reminded of the incredible foundation that has supported me for the last 15 years. Thank you all for continuing to follow me on this journey and for allowing me to do what I love to do. I can’t believe this is my eighth studio album and I know I keep telling you that it is my most personal record yet, but its true and I’m really proud of that.

I have been through a lot in the past few years and it has really inspired me to dig deeper and write songs that I think everyone can relate to. Working with people like Sia, William Orbit, and of course has been an amazing experience. They have listened to all of my ideas and helped me bring them to life. There are a lot of really fun, upbeat dance songs, but it was important to me that I show my strength, and my attitude, and my vulnerability. Of course, I also have some surprises for you guys ;)

I want to show you the different sides of Britney Spears. I am a performer. I am a Mom. I am funny. I am your friend! I am Britney Jean.

Hope you love my labor of love!

Love Always,

I can’t. I CANNOT! This is so exciting! We will get to hear Perfume in just over a week’s time! AHHHH!!!!! It was very sweet of Britney to write us a letter, don’t you think? PITNB reader Ashley reminded me that Britney used to pen direct letters to fans many years ago on her official site … they were called Letters of Truth (you can read one from 2007 HERE). It’s been a long time since Britney wrote us a Letter of Truth. Hopefully we’ll get more letters in the near future. Make sure you get your pre-orders in for Britney Jean ASAP! This next era of Britney music is going to be amazing … I JUST KNOW IT! OMG, my body is ready but I’M SO NOT READY READY FOR REAL! AHHH!!!!!


  • Amanda


  • Ashley

    Oh man.. we aren’t worthy!!

    This is so much better than the letter she wrote us years ago (the one that made her feel like she was going to Harvard). :) To be honest I can’t even remember if she ever released that letter…

    Anyways, I love this. I am a fan of the cover as well! I’m not ready for real either, Trent. :D

  • ClaireMichelle

    I am so happy with this album cover! I love it. And the letter… I can’t even go there because I love it so much! Bring on Perfume! EEEEEEK!!!!

  • Jamie O.

    CHILLS!!!!! Absolute chills. I am BEYOND excited and cannot wait for November 5th!!! Thanks for the updates and keep ’em coming, Trent!!!

  • rOXy

    Can’t wait. She is truly an amazing human.

  • Donny

    The cover is absolutely gorgeous! The pose is soft but the stare is intense. Let’s hope Work Bitch is no indication of the tone of the album.

  • Iris B


  • Att Bill MaXx


  • adam

    A lot of my gay friends don’t like Britney anymore. Some of them are saying that she’s homophobic. For example, she has failed to put male-male sensuality in her music videos. She seems to avoid it.

    Maybe this is one reason why Britney is tanking.

    • jj

      britney is not a homophobic, most of her dancers are gays, her bff were gays (andre and tj), make up and hair stylist mostly are gays. britney just doesn’t like to exploit her gay fans (and that’s a good thing atleast for me)

    • Phil

      the two guys dancing on each other in her “Piece of Me” video could beg to differ. Britney has plenty of gay friends, including her choreographers. She is not homophobic, she just doesn’t have to use the gays as a gimmick to promote themselves like other “artists” do. Now politely go troll somewhere else :)

    • adam

      If Britney is not using gays as a gimmick, why does she act fake-bisexual in her videos? She’s an appalling human being who exploits the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action at the expense of us gay guys.

  • Lori

    i love everything about thecover cept the smirk. its borderline duck face.

    • nicole

      @Lori – agreed. her mouth throws it off..other than that, its a beautiful picture.

  • adam

    Britney insults the gay community by acting as if she’s bisexual in her videos. This sort of behavior simply plays into the hands of sleazy straight guys. It is highly offensive to the gay community.

    If she’s so open-minded, why didn’t she put any male-male action in her video for Work Bitch?

    • Phil

      Dude, you are SO RIGHT! every female pop star, except britney, is trying to be anti-appealing to straight men. You know, because katy perry’s whip cream tits and miley’s vma performance and gaga’s applause thong are so unsexual and unappealing to straight men. lmao.
      Please tell me how britney’s videos portray her as being “bisexual”? the only thing that britney ever did that was remotely “bisexual” was the vma kiss and so did christina aguilera.
      (Work bitch, by the way=S&M. Nothing even to do with bisexuality)
      And clearly you are uneducated with your statement that “britney doesn’t portray gay men in her videos” with the fact that she has (Piece of Me, as posted before)

      AND OMG! Lady Gaga is TOTALLY insulting the trans community by wearing a mustache and dressing as “joe calderon”. and wait, has Gaga ever had 2 males showing affection in her videos?? A shame! And what about her making out with a woman in her “telephone” video? What a horrible person by acting “bisexual” Hmm.

      You are clearly not a britney fan, which I can respect, but you are totally delusional with everything you have said in your posts lmao. And to top it off, calling someone appalling that you don’t even know is just plain screwed up. I don’t like Miley Cyrus but I wouldnt stoop that low about it.

      And Im done feeding into the stupidity. Britney looks gorgeous. Wasn’t a huge fan of work bitch, but Im looking forward to the album!

    • @adam — “It is highly offensive to the gay community.”

      You may be offended but I can assure you, the “gay community” at large is just fine with Britney.

  • adam

    When Britney kissed Madonna at the MTV awards 10 years ago, do you think she did it to help gays? LOL. If you think she did it to help gay people, you are stupid.

    She did it to titillate sleazy straight guys, the type who hate gay guys. Britney is creepy. Oh, and her singing is fake, too.

  • al

    Britney didn’t kiss Madonna for the gays but she did release Work Bitch for her gay fan base…she’s employed gays whether it’s her makeup artists, dancers, or stylists. Britney is an equal opportunity artist. That’s one thing I like about her