RUMOR Has It Beyoncé MAY Release A New Album In December


SO … a Columbia Records CEO sat down to chat with Billboard magazine about the forthcoming December release of Céline Dion’s new album and he kinda/sorta may have hinted significantly that Beyoncé, too, might be releasing her new album in December as well. The CEO never mentions Bey by name but he does promise that Columbia is working on releasing a big album from a major artist on their roster (the Billboard interviewer tries to pin him down to mentioning Bey’s name). The only big artist on the roster who has been teasing the release of a new album sooner rather than later is Beyoncé. HMMM. Click below to read exactly what he said and let the speculation commence.

In a recent interview with Billboard, CEO/chairman of Columbia Rob Stringer, obviously, dodged questions about what specific albums he might have in the chamber for Q4. But it doesn’t take a crack sleuth to figure out that he’s probably referring to Beyoncé‘s long-in-the-works fifth studio album. While talking about Celine Dion‘s new album, also set for December release, Stringer added, “And we’ve got one or two records, which will be coming out that we’re working on.” Billboard notes that he said this “cryptically.” “I feel good about those records, too — we’ve got records lined up that hopefully will make the beginning of December.” Billboard asks, ”Wait, more than one? I can think of one right now that has been likely for a long time now.” Stringer responds, “I would never be quoted as saying anything to do with that [laughs].” Talking about the pressures of Q4 releases, he goes on to say that there’s a lot of fall competition including Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, One Direction and Eminem. “And then it’s almost like, ‘who’s got the biggest hit songs going into Christmas?’” The lid has been kept tight on Bey’s new album, as only snippets of info has come out, with Diplo once stating that she scrapped a song he was working on with her, and Ne-Yo saying that “Beyonce’s the kind of artist where you’re not gonna see it till it’s right. And her fans — they love her so they’ll be patient.”

While I’m hopeful for a new album in December, I’m not quite sure I can let myself believe it just yet. The teasing by this CEO is interesting but it really doesn’t amount to much. Bey will be ending her current Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in December and then … she’ll release a new album? It’s possible but … I dunno. Stay tuned. We should know something more concrete sometime soon. I say, hold off on the celebrating until we get more evidence (or better yet, official confirmation) of a new Beyoncé album this year. That said, if Bey does drop a new album in December would you die or what?