Stephen Amell Introduces His Newborn Daughter To The World


It looks like our very own Shannon isn’t the one person cooing in lurve over their newborn baby these days because today we learn that Arrow actor Stephen Amell and wife Cassandra Jean recently welcomed the birth of a baby of their own. You may recall that we learned back in June that Stephen and Cassandra were pregnant with their first child together and today we learn that the couple gave birth to their daughter last week. Stephen updated his official Facebook profile with news of his daughter’s birth along with our first photo of her. She’s a little doll. Click below and say hello to Mavi Alexandra.

She came just in time for Amell Wednesdays.

I mean … yeah, she’s a cutie. I know I may be rushing things a bit but wouldn’t Shannon’s baby boy Josev make the perfect little match for Stephen’s baby girl Mavi? AmIRite?!? Hahaha. One thing’s for sure, both babies are just the cutest ever and they are being showered with so much lurve by their parents … they are both in very good hands. Let’s send our love and congrats to Stephen and Cassandra on the healthy birth of their first child. Welcome to the world, Mavi!


  • nicole

    he just got hotter..DILF status achieved.

    • @nicole — I know, right? Ugh.

  • Karen

    Well that is adorable.

    Also: his shoulders. Sigh.