Lurve Them Tigers


Last night a group of friends (including Sarah, Mark, Agnes Ken — and Adriana in spirit) and I made our way downtown to root for the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park in Game 5 of their playoff series with the Boston Red Sox. Altho the game didn’t go our way, we all had a lot of fun rooting for the Tigers in person. Ken managed to secure a set of great seats for the game and we did our best to rally and cheer for the Tigers all night long. We ended up losing by just one run but, as I said, we all had a blast at the game together.

Thankfully the weather was a perfect 50 degrees so we were able to enjoy the game in relative comfort. I always have fun at Detroit sporting events, even if we don’t always win the games :) Obviously, I would’ve loved if the Tigers came out on top but it just wasn’t meant to be. Now the series goes back to Boston and we’re gonna hafta win 2 games in a row to make it to the World Series. I believe in our Tigers and I have full faith that they’re gonna get ‘er done and take Detroit Rock City to the championship series!

Today will be a fun and bizzy day. First, I’ll be meeting up with PITNB reader Erin at Oakland University where she asked me to speak to her class about the blog. I’ll have more deets on that tomorrow :) Later on, I’ll be heading to Cobo Hall to pick up my race materials for the Detroit Marathon on Sunday. Tonight … I’m not sure yet. I may try to make it out to Ann Arbor but I’m not sure yet. I need to start eating and resting for the big race on Sunday morning. So much to do beforehand tho, so … I’m off. I hope you are having a great Friday! It’s a new weekend, y’all. Make the most of it!!

  • DJ

    Dear Trent,

    I, too, am visiting my home town this weekend… so please know that I say with the utmost love and respect – BOSTON STONG, BABY!!!!!!!! ;-)

    Safe travels home!

  • Kim

    Go Tigers!

    I love the Adriana photo shop

    • @Kim — Hahaha. Every time we post a group photo here at home and she’s in LA, she shops herself into the pic. Amazing, right?

  • Brandess Wallace

    I will be at the Detroit Marathon again as well! Best of luck, Trent!

    • @Brandess Wallace — OMG, I hope we run into one another! I’d love to see you here in Detroit :)