Lady Gaga Is Teaming Up With The Muppets For A Holiday Special


ABC has announced that popstar Lady Gaga will be teaming up with The Muppets for a holiday special that will air on their network on Thanksgiving night. Titled Lady Gaga & the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular, the show will feature not only Gaga but other celebs as well dueting with various Muppets on popular songs. This isn’t the first time that Gaga has worked with the Muppets … a few years ago, she famously wore an outfit made out of dead Kermit the Frogs but clearly, that incident appears to be water under the bridge. Click below to see a promo photo released for the special and find out which celebs will be appearing on the small screen with Gaga and the Muppets.

Lady Gaga is collaborating with a few new artists — and it’s not whom you might think. The “Applause” singer will appear on a 90-minute special with the Muppets, her second one, ABC announced today. “Lady Gaga & the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular” will air on Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving) from 9:30-11 p.m. ET. “I was so excited when ABC called me about doing a holiday special this year,” Lady Gaga said. “I knew it just wouldn’t be a complete night of laughter and memories without the Muppets!” “Can’t wait to see the gang again, and I hope Miss Piggy’s still not mad about Kermit,” she continued. “We’re just friends!” Not only will Gaga perform songs from her new album (she’ll sing “Applause” with several of the Muppets and have a duet with Kermit the Frog), but Sir Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and RuPaul will have duets with Muppets as well. Adding to the star-studded program is Kristen Bell, who will star in a sketch alongside Gaga and the Muppets. “What an incredible opportunity!” Kermit the Frog gushed. “We have a long history with Ms. Gaga, so we jumped at the chance to do a holiday special with her. We won’t even mind if she mistakes some of the Muppets for pieces of her wardrobe — again.”

While I’m not crazy about the Lady Gaga part, I am looking forward to the appearance by the other celebs. I cannot WAIT to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and RuPaul singing with the Muppets. Their performances are going to be amazing, I can just feel it! I’m not sure what my Thanksgiving night will look like just yet but this is a special that I plan to DVR (so I can skip to the parts that I want to see). Does this sound like a fun special to you? Will you tune in to watch?


  • Krissy

    Didn’t she go to the VMAs with Kermit as her date as well?

  • Nicole O’Brien

    Oh man, the Kermit outfit!! I think that’s when I realized Lady GaGa was a li’l bananas.

  • Jim

    I loved the first Gaga Thanksgiving special. I think this is a great idea and I’ll tune in.

  • Alecia

    I’m all about JGL and RuPaul as well Trent. I can imagine RuPaul and Miss Piggy having a diva-off in the middle of a song.
    As for Gaga, not so much. But unlike the VMAs we can expect her to be at least somewhat clothed.

  • Kl

    Her last thanksgiving special was very good. I will watch for her and Kermit and Joseph Gordon levitt

  • Paul

    I read this whole thing and I kept thinking it was some kind of practical joke. GaGa-style entertainment and Muppet-style entertainment seem to be aimed at completely different audiences.

  • Macey Johnson

    I would imagine she would be the last person to be like a role model for kids. I guess that is the way the world is headed.