Ben Cohen Puts Clothes ON For A Change For ‘Attitude’ Magazine


Rugby star Ben Cohen may not be a household name here in the US but just one look at his photospread for Attitude magazine proves that he should be … oh yes, he deffo should be. Cohen has been a very vocal, very open straight ally for the GLBT community and as such was named as the Ally of the Year by Attitude magazine. Altho Cohen is most famous for his rugby skills, he is probably just as famous to his admirers for his love of being photographed wearing as little clothing as possible … a fact that Attitude magazine loves to exploit every chance they get. Cohen is featured on one of the covers of this month’s new issue and as you can see in the gallery presented here, the accompanying photospread features Ben getting ready to attend a black tie event. Thankfully, the shoot starts in the bath and goes from there :) Click thru the gallery, get to know Ben Cohen a little bit better. I think you’ll see why I’ve been a fan of Ben’s for so long. Can I get a WOOF WOOF up in this joint?

  • superjosh

    This is what I love about Brits and Euros… when they pose in their undies, they look real and confident. You pretty much never see an American celeb pose without some major bulge wrangling to make sure nothing spicy can be seen. :P

  • Kayla

    I have some shirts that desperately need ironing at my house..

    • @Kayla — Hahaha :)