Rooting For The Home Team


Last night Sarah and I got to hang out with our dear friends Erik and Steve at their home before we stepped out to catch up over dinner (while the Detroit Tigers were handily beating the crud out of the Boston Red Sox on TV). My sweet kitty Majik is buried in Erik and Steve’s backyard and I was able to say my goodbyes to her in person. I will never be able to thank Erik for all the care he provided for Majik in her last days. I will love him and Steve forever for allowing me the opportunity to say goodbye to her. The rest of the night, I’m happy to say, was spent in happy revelry and we all laughed and talked together and, yes, rooted for the Tigers baseball win :)

We supped together at Diablo’s in Royal Oak and then made our way to Valentine Distillery in Ferndale to finish out the night over drinks. It had been a long time since we all got to spend time together so I enjoyed every second of it. Steve and I bonded while Sarah and Erik were cooing over old photos … it was a lot of fun. The fact that the Tigers beat the Sox was just the icing on the cake. Tonight, a bunch of us are heading downtown to Comerica Park to see the Tigers take on the Red Sox in person for Game 5 of their playoff series. It’s a bit cold and rainy but I know we’re going to have a blast!! I hope you are having the best Thursday ever :)

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  • Allison

    Is Sarah and Mark still together?

    • @Allison — Yes, happily! We are all going to the Tigers game tonight :)

  • Scott

    Is Erik your ex? If so, its good to know that you two still get along. How are things with you and David now?

    • @Scott — Yes. We do get along and I like Steve very much.

  • momo

    Trent, you are looking fantastic! hope you are having fun on your trip home :)