Lea Michele Adopts A New Puppy


Without question, Lea Michele has endured a difficult few months since her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith passed away in July. Thankfully, tho, it looks like Lea is starting to move on and enjoy life again. This week, Lea posted a few photos on her official Instagram profile of her new pet pooch Pearl who is just the cutest little thing ever. Pearl accompanied Lea on a photoshoot this week and managed to make it into one of the photos :) Click below to meet Pearl and get to know the new love in Lea Michele’s life.

Everyone meet my new little love Pearl:) / Pearls first photo shoot!

OMG, what a cutie! The photoshoot in question was a shoot for the cover of Lea’s upcoming album. Clearly, she is doing everything she can to move forward from her devastating loss. It’s heartening to see her doing so well. I have a feeling little Pearl will give Lea all the love she can handle and that sounds exactly like what she needs right now.

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  • ck361

    The last picture looks horrible :/ Yikes.

  • nicole

    oh…that last photo..not a good angle.

  • Lulu

    Puppy is adorable… That last photo though.. the photographer should have asked her to switch it up. She is stunning, and that pic is just No..

  • Clara Higgins

    Adopts? Really? From what rescue organization or what shelter? Everytime I see a celebrity with a puppy I’m convinced they have either purchased their new friend from either a breeder or a pet store, which is of course disgusting. No one should ever buy from breeders or pet stores.

    • JeniLeeSK8

      So if a celebrity doesnt post the exact place they adopted from it automatically means they used a breeder?

    • Krissy

      I heard on the radio that the dog is 8 years old. That doesn’t sound like it came from a breeder to me! Maybe look into a situation a bit before getting all angsty about it. ;)

    • Ama

      There’s nothing wrong with *good* breeders and yes there are good breeders out there(They are those who are breeding to produce quality dogs of the breed they’re interested in, they do genetic testing, don’t over breed their dogs and breed only healthy and stable dogs and will take back any puppy that comes from their dogs at anytime in the pup’s lives). People just need to do research before purchasing from a breeder(to make sure the breeder is not from a BYB or puppy mill).

      She’s not required to say whether she got the dog from a shelter/rescue or not. Let’s hope that if she did buy from a breeder she did her research and didn’t support bad breeding.

      There are celebrities out there who get their dogs(and puppies) from shelters/rescues.

    • Ama

      remove the “from” – ” to make sure the breeder is not from a BYB or puppy mill). ”

      On a side note, as another mentioned Pearl is 8 years old. Even Lea mentioned that when she posted a picture of the dog: https://twitter.com/msleamichele/status/390180676667842560/photo/1

      Looks to me like she did get this dog from a rescue/shelter.

    • AmandaMarie

      So my three babies are disgusting because I bought them from respected breeders? I think not. Not a fan of the clearly uneducated tone of this response.