Watch/Listen: Britney Spears Shows Off Her British Accent On British Radio


Yesterday we learned that Britney Spears announced the title of her upcoming 8th album LIVE on British radio and today we get to hear a tiny bit more of her interview on Capital FM in London. It turns out that Britney couldn’t resist showing off her British accent while talking with a British DJ on British radio yesterday … which turned into a really cute exchange between Britney and the DJ. Click the embed above to hear Britney converse on British radio with her adorable British accent. Go call the guv-uh-nah!

  • Michelle

    Omg I love this!.She’s adorable!!

  • Megan

    I’m just back from the Alan Carr’s Chatty Man taping! It was so good! She looked amazing!!! She has the best bum!!! Just being in the same room as her was incredible! She talked about a ballad that’s on the album called Perfume and it’s about a girl who knows her boyfriend is cheating on her! They did a funny little bit where she whipped Alan Carr’s staff and family and friends and told them to ‘get to work, bitch!’ They also did it to the musical guest Jake Bugg but he had no sense of humour and just stood there, I won’t be surprised if they edit his bit out. He had a sour face on when they took the photo of all the guests with Alan which made me so angry. You’re standing with the legendary Britney Spears…crack a smile! Definitely check it out on youtube after it airs, she’s just the best :)

  • Andy

    She’s lovely!

  • rOXy

    Ack! I just love this so much!!! She is like champagne she is! Sparkly and bubbly.